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    I machined and engraved this on my Fadal CNC mill. I had a few key fobs left over from a job I did for a hotel. A friend just got an Impreza and he is excited about it, so I made this for him. Sorry. My camera isn't very good. Lighting is weird with shiny stuff.
  2. The Showroom
    This is what mine looks like just a AutoZone rewards card & a Bosch platinum +4 plug
  3. Classified Archive
    15.00 shipped... cant buy these separately...come as part of the accessory R line kit from VW. keychain with R logo..very nice...13.00 shipped. 25.00 for both keychain and valve stem caps..(shipped) please add 1.00 for paypal to any amount. thanks.
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    oem sunroof grey console..switch not included... $25.00 shipped. Vw "R" line valve stem covers...(from r32 aristo wheels) they are very stylish...never used...$17.00 shipped and paypaled.. Vw "R" line keychain....never used...$15.00 shipped/paypaled.. (1) adelaide 15 x 7 spare....with...
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    Got this when I picked up the R license plate bracket as its part of the set and I don't need it. Brushed metal with the R logo, black leather strap and ring. Instantly makes you much more attractive to the opposite sex and will make you a champ in bed.* $7 shipped via USPS - its going to...
  6. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The metal loop on my 2-month-old switchblade key just snapped off. Has this happened to anyone else? Was I doing something wrong by attaching the key to my keyring with this loop -- it seemed like that's what it was there for. Is it possible to replace the loop or do I need a whole new...