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  1. cleaning out the house and garage - Kenwood car audio amps f/s

    Misc for Sale
    Kenwood car audio amps. All (4) of these amps I purchased brand new before year 2000. The KAC-823 amps were used in my car to power the whole system front and rear doors with no subs. I then added the KAC-927's. One of the KAC-927amps was used to drive all the tweeters, the second KAC-927 was...
  2. Kenwood dnx535vbt and Passat PDC

    New Member Introductions
    Good day. I have a 2007 Passat V6 4-Motion sedan with factory fitted PDC front and back. The PDC beeps when I engage it manually or automatically when I engage the reverse gear. I'm in the process of upgrading the sound system in my car, and in the process, replacing the factory head unit with...
  3. B5: A/C works intermitten after installing aftermarket Kenwood

    B5 Garage
    I have a 2003 Passat GLX V6 sedan. Just replaced the Monsoon unit with a Kenwood DPX501BT double din unit, using a PAC RP4-VW11 so that I can use the SWC. Since I have done so, I've noticed that occasionally, the Climatronic unit will not display an outside temperature, and blows hot air, when...
  4. Kenwood DPX500BT-Radio Installation

    Mobile Electronics
    I have purchased a dpx500bt and the appropriate wiring harness for my car. only problem is that that radio works when the car is off (no key in the ignition) also it does not automatically turn on when the car is started. Any suggestions? I have a 2002 passat 1.8t
  5. FS: Kenwood DNX6160 Double Din HU -- GPS, Bluetooth, Sirius XM, DVD + more

    Parts For Sale
    Hey all, For sale is a Kenwood DNX6160 double din head unit. It's in fantastic condition and has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. Coolest of all it has built in GPS that works just like any Garmin GPS unit. It has ooodles of features, from iPod/iPhone integration, Sirius...
  6. Kenwood Bluetooth KCA-BT200 Installation?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, I'm wondering which would be the best place to install my Bluetooth into my wagon. I want to put it into my glove box, but I'm not sure if it would really fit in nicely... Any advice on this? Also, any ideas on where to put the mic? I was thinking about drilling a hole into one of the...
  7. Kenwood audio system for B5.5

    Parts For Sale
    I had posted this a good while back when I sold the Passat, and when it didn't move, I forgot about it. Now, I'd like to get it out of my hands and into someone else's: I had this briefly in my Jetta, and liked it so much that I transplanted it to the Passat when I bought it. It fits...
  8. Kenwood Suggestions Please

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I just bought a Kenwood DNN990HD and I was wondering what all else should I get before I install it? I would like to read my boost lvl and such on my 2008 Passat. I know iDatalink Maestro works on Fords and such that have installed this same device. I have not seen a iDatalink for VW. I...
  9. Pioneer, Kenwood or..?

    Mobile Electronics
    1998, V6, GLX, sedan. Currently I have an older Alpine single DIN in my car and it's fine, I'm really not a fan of the tuner or sound quality... Got a new phone (and data plan :)) and I'd like to add Bluetooth and HD radio so I'm looking to replace the unit. Looking to spend somewhere around...
  10. new kenwood tv/dvd HU

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys I just installed a new Kenwood DVD head unit with a diff harness. Turns out my FM reception is horrible. Any suggestions?
  11. kenwood dpx308u

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has seen or has one of these head units installed? Kenwood DPX308U Double Din WMA/MP3 CD Receiver: Car Electronics If so, any idea how well does it fit in a b5.5, or compatibility with the monsoon system? Any thoughts appreciated!
  12. Kenwood head unit and custom wiring harness for VW

    Parts For Sale
    **UPDATE** sold.
  13. Feeler / For Sale: Kenwood DDX6019, ipod cable, video bypass

    Misc for Sale
    Hello everyone; Just testing the waters to see if it's any interest in buying a Kenwood DDX6019. This is a double din stereo and its in perfect shape cosmetically and funtionally and has NO signs of usage at all. Touch screen, ipod control, bluetooth and navigation capable. I still have the box...
  14. Kenwood x696 + Monsoon = battery woes ..

    Mobile Electronics
    I have read a few posts here about issues with aftermarket HU and Monsoon. As of right now I have been having the issue others are having. My battery drains due to the amp staying on. I have taken it to VW and they confirmed that the amp was staying on .. I took it back to Car Toys and they...
  15. Kenwood DNX5140 GPS Navigation Receiver (with Adapters for B5.5 Passat)

    Misc for Sale
    I have for sale a Kenwood DNX5140 GPS / DVD Receiver. I had the receiver in my Passat which I no longer own. My new vehicle only has a single-din radio opening, so I can't use the Kenwood Receiver any more. It works great and I'm sorry to see it go! The unit has been updated to the Garmin...
  16. Kenwood 3-Way Component Speaker question

    Mobile Electronics
    Greetings all, Today I installed 4 speakers I got for free, brand new, after blowing both my rears. The harnesses to the stock speakers had 4 wires, power/ground for the speaker/tweeter. When I installed, I combined positives from the tweeter and speaker and combined it into the positive in the...
  17. Nastasha's system

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys (and girls) Thought i'd post some shots of my the sound system I put in the car yesterday. Maybe due to the amount of pictures, I should have put it in the showroom. I guess if it gets moved, it get moved. I found this set up on Amazon. It's a vented box, 2 KENWOOD 12" sub's a...
  18. Sony XNV-660bt and Kenwood DNX-6960- got one?

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm looking to replace the Monsoon HU in my 2004 4mo with a nav unit. I'm looking hard at the Sony XNV-660BT or the Kenwood DNX-6960. Anybody have either of them? I'm interested in first-hand experience, not brand biases or the like. No disrespect.
  19. F.S. Kenwood DNX5120 6.1-Inch-Wide Double-DIN In-Dash Navigation with USB/iPod Direct

    Parts For Sale
    For Sale: Gently Used (NOT STOLEN) Kenwood DNX 5120--$425 shipped. Call/text me at 336-471-7735...Jason Technical Details * Garmin navigation system, radio, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA/AAC, MPEG1/MPEG2, iPod, USB, HD/SAT radio-ready, Bluetooth-ready receiver * 4 x 50 Watts...
  20. FS: PIE VW to Kenwood Interface Adapter

    Classified Archive
    PIE VW/PC-KNNSR VW to Kenwood CD-Changer/Sirius/MusicKeg Interface Adapter Used, Like New Description 1998-2007 VOLKSWAGEN TO KENWOOD PROTOCOL. Enables VW Factory HU to control Kenwood CD Changer or MusicKeg (models using the Kenwood 13-pin DIN connector) and/or Sirius Tuner (models...