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  1. Ken Box Gymkhana 2013

    Anything Auto
    Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana - A Tribute to Ken Block (gymkhana parody) - YouTube :lol: :thumbup: Smart marketing strategy. :salute:
  2. Ken Block Gymkhana 4

    Anything Auto
    Filmed at Universal Studios this time, pretty great action. Also note the new wheels on the car. Look familiar?
  3. Hey Ken Block...try this...

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    sick....... SIZE MATTERS @
  4. Ken Block's all new WRC Ford Fiesta

    Anything Auto :D
  5. Anyone want Ken Block's wheels?

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  6. Ken Block, eat your heart out

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    Travis Pastrana, who may not be as good as Ken Block at being crazy at life, gets pretty close and gets more air then Ken ;) Opps, posted in the wrong tab...Stupid Vista....:banghead: So, shall...
  7. New Ken Block Video Teaser!

    Anything Auto I can't wait to see what they use that contraption in... :lol:
  8. Ken Block + Unsuspecting Passengers = Epic Video

    Anything Auto Look at the facial expressions on some of those people. :rofl:
  9. Great Spoof Video Of Ken Block Gymkhana!

    Anything Auto And no unfortunately, I do not have a GT-R, I stumbled upon this by accident, or is that a hazy stupor? :P
  10. ever heard of Ken Block? check this vid!!! effing sick

    Anything Auto
    this is the sickest 4:27 video i have ever seen!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::bowdown::bowdown: out of control....
  11. Ken R. - McKinney, TX

    USA - South
    Hey everyone. I joined back in July but thought I'd finally tell everyone a little about myself. I'm 33 and work in the IT field in Dallas and my love afffair with VW started back in 1996. I took my best friend at the time to Park Cities VW in Dallas to buy her first new car. It was a Jetta...
  12. Ken Lay and Enron

    The Black Hole
    What do you guys think should happen to Ken Lay and his associates? He spent the day explaining how Fastow was a scapegoat and target of a witch hunt. Did Ken Lay do anything wrong? Did Enron do anything wrong? Or was it nobody's fault?
  13. Ken G. - Riverside, CA - Not your typhical B5

    USA - West
    *much thanks to ed for helping move my thread because i am a n00b lol* hi folks, ive been on the site for a little bit. i dont drive a :b5: but i come on here to learn new things and support someone very important to me and her HOT car heres my non-b5 vehicle. 2000 XLT ford one-fiddy, approx...
  14. Ken Angeles - Los Angeles, CA

    USA - West
    New Member
  15. Ken - Fort Worth, TX

    USA - South
    It took long enough, I have wanted a passat since I first drove one in 98 Saturday was the day 99 Passat Wagon GLS 1.8l Tiptronic, Black metallic pearl with tinted windows and phatnoise OK, what next.... hmmmm
  16. Ken Smith - Houston, TX

    USA - South
    I have an '04 GLX Silerstone Gray V6. Pictures soon.
  17. Ken – Carlsbad, CA

    USA - West
    Hello, I am a happy 2001 Passat wagon GLS tiptronic owner. It was bought new. It was the best compromise of utility and driving characteristic. I just couldn't come to grips with crossing into SUV land. Nice as the new T-reg is, it is still too trucky for my liking, especially the mileage...
  18. FS: alpine cva1005, dvdmp3 player, rockford+phoenix gold+ken

    Classified Archive
    fs: alpine cva1005, dvdmp3 player, rockford+phoenix gold+kenwood amp, hids &more hey guys forgot to mention i have a bunch of audio for sale and a friend of mine (vw owner) has a bunch of stuff also... My stuff: Alpine cva-1005 tv headunit $800 (retails for 1300) Farenheit DVD/MP3 player...
  19. Ken Elliott - Columbus, OH

    USA - Central
    Ken Elliott - Columbus, Oh guess who finally got a digital camera!!!!!! Here are some wet, dirty pics til the weather cooperates The Ride: 1999 Black 1.8t 5spd, tinted windows window guards debadged rear 18 inch 13 spoke quantam tech wheels 225/40/18 Yokohama Parada's Koni threaded...
  20. Ken R. - New Boston, NH

    USA - East
    2001.5 Passat GLS 1.8T 5-spd Blue Silver Improvements: H&R Sport SpringsBilstein Sport ShocksBBS CH Wheels - 8.5x17Yokohama AVS ES100 Tires - 235-45/17P&P Motorsports Rear BarBrüllen Cat Back 2.5" SS ExhaustHoefel Rear Lip SpoilerBlaupunkt Heidelberg CD-51 Head UnitBlaupunkt IDC-A09 Indash 5...