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  1. 2001 Passat B5 Wagon Manual Shift GLX V6 Leather - San Jose, CA

    Vehicles For Sale
    SOLD! 2001 Passat B5 Wagon Manual Shift GLX V6 Leather - San Jose, CA SOLD! Very clean 2001 Passat GLX wagon for sale. 5 speed manual transmission and powerful 30 valve V6 gas engine. Runs great and very dependable. My wife is the second owner, it was a local Bay Area car it's entire life so...
  2. Good shops near San Jose?

    Dealerships and Service
    I've had some good experiences with the AAA Car Care on Brokaw, but if anyone knows a good honest independent VW shop I'd love to have a reference. I'm sure there will be things I can't do myself or don't have time or tools (even at Pit Row).
  3. Hose Blowing Off Crank Case on cold start SOS

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm pretty sure it's my SAIP hose. And not only is it falling off, but it threw off my serpentine belt so it's a whole rib moved over on the top but normal all the way around? I know that Jose is very VIN specific so I have no idea how to replace it or find which hose it is. 2002 V6 ATQ. Should...
  4. EPC and CEL and stalled engine and possible Wetterauer problem in San Jose

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The history, on Sunday while driving, I suddenly saw the EPC and CEL come on for just a second and then disappear. The car stuttered (no power with gas applied) but then returned to normal. Yesterday, idled at a stop light, the car stalls and dies (with the EPC and CEL light on). I turn it on...
  5. Volks Wagen mechanic in San Jose, CA area

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi, The ABS light is on in my 2001, VW Passat. I am planning to get the ABS module fixed by I am looking for a VW mechanic in San Jose area, who can help me with removing and installing a ABS module. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks.
  6. Tesla Store in Santana Row, San Jose.

    Anything Auto
    Saw this on TV today; appears they finally opened a store. Reportedly, first person there this weekend can get a free test drive.... I might camp out there on Saturday morning. :D
  7. LF Vag Com in San Jose area

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    hello, im looking for some one with a vag com in the san jose area, im willing to drive a decent distence. im just trying to turn off my drls, the seat belt chime, the beep when locking the car, and the windo up/down wiith the lock/unlock button let me know what u want in return :)
  8. Streets of San Jose, bring it on!

    The Showroom
    The tired streets of San Jose can be a burden to a lowered Passat, luckily my oil pan is still intact. I was able to just squeeze in to the Thor group buy, the guys at Evolution Imports graciously working with me and my tight finances to get my baby the protection she needs. Thanks Evo. Imports...
  9. Jose- Kennesaw,Ga

    USA - South
    Hello, Jose here new to PW, been cruisin in my Passat for 2 yrs now haven't done much to her yet. I've put in a Panasonic in dash screen. 1 800 watt d class amp running to 2 12'' Memphis subs. 1 600 watt amp runnin to the 6" alpine type r speakers. Tinted my windows, turn signals, corners, and...
  10. San Jose Area VAG-COM

    USA - West
    Can anyone in the bay area with a VAG-COM help me clear Airbag Fault code? Thanks in advance.
  11. Anyone in San Jose with CCT tool I could borrow?

    B5 Garage
    I ordered all my parts (valve cover gasket, CCT, PVC tube), but forgot about the CCT tool #3366:cry: . I'd like to get the gaskets changed this weekend. Are there any B5 V6 owners in San Jose, CA that could loan this tool or where I could purchase one locally( ya fat chance right? ) I already...
  12. 2003 W8 Wagon, Reflex Silver, San Jose CA

    Classified Archive
    Hate to part with the W8 but the wife is bugging me for a minivan now and to afford that I'll need to let the W8 go. What can I say having a family can change things.... Details are: 63k miles reflex silver exterior color light grey interior leather W8 of course has tons of power, all wheel...
  13. Recommend a good indy shop in San Jose?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey B5 experts! I'm due for my 40K mile service, and good 'ol Stevens Creek VW service just quoted me $659.95. I told the guy that I did the oil change, air filter, and cablin filter myself, so he said he could knock the price down to $550.95 which I still feel is way too much. I also asked...
  14. Bart Pichola - San Jose, CA

    USA - West
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  15. Good Paint Shop in San Jose

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Picked up a Kamei sport grill on eBay (good price, BTW). Now need to get the outer ABS frame painted to match the car. Anyone know of a good paint shop in San Jose, CA for a job like this? Small job, but need someone who knows how to prep and paint plastic. thanks, Clark
  16. Bay Area (San Jose) Service

    Dealerships and Service
    I need to go preferably to a dealership since I do have an extended warranty. My 1.8T sprung an oil leak AGAIN...big surprise there.:banghead: Does anyone have any experience with either SunnyVale, Bob Lewis, or any other VW place you can recommend. Need help soon cause this is my daily driver...
  17. joma - san jose ca

    USA - West
    Hey Guys, Wanted to say thanks for the forum for all the tips and info. After 3 years I have finally decided to do some picture whoring... :) Oettinger RE 18x8 Eibach Pro System Forge 007 dv Giac X chip slotted rotors ebc green pads k&N drop in filter 35 tint all the way around jonboy's...
  18. Spotted: Silver Variant on Blossom Hill rd. San Jose, CA

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    well, I was just going home, and spotted a silver B5.5 Variant leaving Albertson's (blossom hill and Snell) its slammed to the ground, had at least 18'' wheels on it (either dipdish or w/ spacers) I could swear that I saw Quality_Sound ... but what was he doing in this part California...
  19. Jeff Mazzoni - San Jose, CA

    USA - West
    I am here because, ta da, there is a Passat Sedan in the family. It is a 2004 GLS 4 Motion with Tiptronic, Silverstone Grey with black leather interior. The only mod so far is tinted windows; a chip will be in it when the funds allow. The car is my wife's daily driver, but we both enjoy it...
  20. Jose Torres.. Portland, OR

    USA - West
    Finally got the wheels on the car so I thought I would put up some pics. 2003 V6 4motion Axis Supermesh 18x8 Falken 451 225/40 H&R Sport Springs (red) Blue split mirrors Euro Switch 30GB ipod :D