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  1. Now this is Porsche Excellence (No joke)

    Anything Auto
    Anybody care to take a stab at how much it's selling for? It's at the dealer I bought my A4 and Passat from.
  2. Operation Save America?? What a joke

    The Black Hole
    Boy are these folks scary.
  3. My Latest Ride...commence with the 4x4 joke!

    The Showroom
    It's a work in progress, Chipped underpully and ecs clutch is all so far. Yes you can see my plate number!:wrench::lol:
  4. Fag Joke Thread

    The Black Hole
    But for the grace of Dame Edna go I.... This thread is ALL Steve's fault. Shouldn't have put the thought in my head, because now I can't help myself: What did the gay fireman say on 9/11? Its rainin' men, hallelujah its raining men, amen! My fav gay joke of all time, once more with...
  5. What a joke! Any Atlanta area B5ers for a timing belt swap?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    OK so my B5 1.8t has 175,000 now and it's ready for its second belt change. The local VW dealership where I got the first belt done wanted 1200-1500 for the swap now with waterpump! Are they crazy? I had it initially done there for 450 out the door back in 2000. There price is triple now? I...
  6. car and weather played a joke on me today.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    ok so i get in the car half asleep to let it warm up before i went on my day. well i get in sit back and get confortable in the seat. i press the clutch and turn the key. i wasnt looking at the gauge cluster tho when the car started. i instantly hear a beeping. i though to myself, you funking...
  7. Another example of why the U.N. has become such a joke

    The Black Hole
    Annan: Syria Promises to Enforce Arms Embargo on Hezbollah Nothing like letting the fox guard the hen house, huh? Annan is a complete f'n asshat. Is this the U.N.'s effective diplomacy? Where is the common sense here? The frustrating part is that I do not see this changing anytime soon.
  8. lexus certified...a joke?

    Anything Auto
    Was on the Lexus lot the other day browsing, saw a 2003 CPO ES300, this car was TERRIBLE! It was poorly repainted head to tail, had a cheesey pin-stripe added, etc. They wanted about $27k for it...
  9. Vauxhall's April fool's joke

    Anything Auto
  10. did i miss the joke?

    New Member Introductions
    im guessing camrycamry is april fools joke?:lol: sorry im kinda slow
  11. Is the Noble Peace Prize a joke?

    The Black Hole
    Is the Nobel Peace Prize a joke? It appears so. IAEA, ElBaradei Share Nobel Peace Prize "Mohamed ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency that he heads won the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. ElBaradei, a 63-year-old...
  12. Shell V-power added 4-5 MPG to my Passat, no joke!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    It seems that in the past year (or past two seasons), I've been getting really good gas milage. I've driven the same drive every day (for the past 5.5 years) with my Passat (country roads and a little "city" driving) to get numbers like 20-23 MPG on my trip computer. I use the same gas the...
  13. Elantras are no joke!!!

    Anything Auto
  14. an old joke, but a good joke

    The Black Hole
    Two POLAR BEARS are taking a bath. One Polar Bear says, "Pass the soap." The Other Polar Bear says, "No soap, radio!"
  15. Toothlessness=not a joke

    The Black Hole I almost pissed my pants as I was reading this story. Fighting toothlessness in Appalachia Mobile dental clinics hope to brighten smiles Thursday, July 21, 2005; Posted: 10:31 p.m. EDT (02:31 GMT) STANTON, Kentucky...
  16. Saw a skyline, what a joke!

    Anything Auto
    So I saw a G35 with a Skyline badge on it. It’s so pathetic that Nissan/Infinite makes a dam car like the G35 and then downgrades it to a Nissan and throws a Skyline badge on it. So stupid. It’s a bloody G35, NOT a skyline. I don’t care what they do in Japan, here it’s a G35. And why can’t...
  17. This has to be a April Fools joke!

    The Showroom
    I wake up and theres a foot of snow outside and its almost april.:rolleyes: Hows the weather in your state? By the why I'm in utah. Yeah we get the best snow. But not this late. I just want to wash and wax the car. I guess that will be a while. :( April fools snow joke!(pic)
  18. Fishing Joke

    The Black Hole
    Jesus is sitting up in Heaven one day, bored, when along walks Moses. They talk about the old days for a while, but since they both know all the same tired Bible stories, they decide to go fishing instead. They fish for a while, but none are biting. "Hey, this is boring," says Jesus. "How...
  19. Gas Cap Door Latch Broken....VW service is a joke

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So the little door that covers my gas cap has been broken since the day I picked my car up from the dealer in June. It closes all the way, it just doesn't click (so I never need to hit the release at the gas station). Well, I'm going back to school on Monday and I figured I might as well tie up...
  20. 2004 BMW M3 for $24,000; is it a joke?

    Anything Auto
    I was searching the 'net for slightly used hi-end luxury/sports cars for the President of my company, and I came across this little gem on