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    For those of you who don't remember :lol:, John Edwards was John Kerry's VP nominee in the 04 election. Today, Kerry announced his support for Obama. You would think that Kerry would at least stay silent until Edwards dropped out of the race.
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    ive been a member on this site for a while i have a 2000 passat 1.8t 5 speed charcole grey GIAC chip and a custom short ram intake with a forged DV.I have loved VW's since i was little over the years i have had 5 beetles ranging from 1970-73
  4. The Black Hole
    It's that time again: So, John Hinkley will be reasonably sane, as long as he stays on his psychotropics. That's like saying a hand grenade is perfectly long as you keep the pin in.
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    Just bought a 2003 Passat, fresco green. V6 tip, love it so far. Great site!
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    For reason I cannot explain at this time my CEO and I got the pleasure and personal invite to join John Force at his facility for a conversation or 2 and a personal tour of the facility by John Force himself. I can say the guy is extremely nice, courteous, and well extremely funny...
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    I don't like posting in the BH, but you guys gotta check this one out. I would like to hear more of the context of this speech, however whatever it is I think the point may still remain the same. I'm quite shocked.
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    Well I am finally going to post some pics and a short list of mods. 1998 Colorado Red Vw passat 1.8t M3 Style rear spoiler 17 x 7.5 Speedy Longchamp wheels custom painted black H&R OE springs with Bilstiens shocks all around Projector headlights with clear corners and city lights Euro switch...
  10. The Black Hole can't imagine that this will work, but I'm all for it.
  11. The Black Hole
    well, Bush didn't waste any time. he nominated Roberts for the Chief Justice spot today. Personally, I am perplexed. Why not nominate an active member of the Supreme Court? Shouldn't the Chief Justice have experience as a Supreme Court Judge first?? On a political side note, isn't this a major...
  12. Anything Auto One of the most famous (and perhaps infamous) automotive developers died today, John DeLorean was 80. Of course he is best known for his stainless-steel gullwinged piece o' crap that was oh so awesome in "Back to the Future", and...
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    Joining Up
  14. The Black Hole (second article down) Speculation is that Ashcroft would step down in a second term for the President. This would almost certainly be a welcome change to the Bush administation. Ashcroft is arguably the administration's...
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    Hey folks...newbie here...Looking forward to pickin' brains when it comes to modding my new B5.5 TDI... First mod to be an OEM Navi (D version) and then maybe some new 17" rims..
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    I've got a 99 1.8T Wagon w/Tip, a 99 1.8T Sedan w/Tip, 00 VW Cabrio, and 01 TT 225.
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    I just realized that I've posted about 12 times before formally introducing myself. I just picked up a 99 GLS after selling my 02' 325i (Now have an infant daughterso one of them had to go and my wife insisted on it being the Bimmer) Looking to tweek my B5 here and there. In the two weeks I've...
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    Took my time i tryed to do it the right way . following the receipe..... I used a special imported paint specially for tail lights that i bought from a performance shop , the light at night is perfect and no shadow/ oversprayed spots.
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    HI everyone I am new to clubb5. I have a 2000 passat with just a nuespeed exhaust. Planning to do a lot more in the future. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.
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    As stated, last night on my way to class I pulled up to a light to turn left, and the car behind me didnt stop. The car slammed into me. Immediately I got on the phone to the Akron Police, the kid came up to my car, with John Kerry buttons all over his coat like he just came from a rally or...