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  1. New Member Introductions
    I have a 1.8 T Passat 2003, 112K miles. Codes read cam sensor on a rough idle. Changed that, new plugs, coils, 96 octane gasoline, fuel filter and some oil hoses. Ran great for a day then bam! same issue but worse. Could the aftermarket cam sensor be bad? Dealer says the car is sensitive to...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi I have a passat I had a guddering in my engine when idling at traffic lights so I cleaned my trottle body but now it seems to be guddering when I'm driving could it be a seal from the hose to the trottle body id be grateful for ur feedback on this or to hear from anyone how had this problem...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi im a new member im having trouble with my 1.9 tdi diesel passat
  4. Passat of The Month
    For this month, we're moving almost as far east as you can go in the USA, across the continent of North America from our last POTM, to Little Rhody! That's right, the smallest state in the US is the home of this month's winner. John has slowly taken the time to modify his car to the vision he...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello. I'm John Mitchel ,a newbie. hope I could learn lots of information here. Thanks
  6. USA - East
    The name is John and I'm from Toms River NJ - Anyone around? Bought this Passat in August of 2007 with 108,xxx miles on the clock, currently the third owner. The PO's had extensive records of its service history =) It's a 1998 GLS AEB 5-spd. Came with full leather, cold weather package, stick...
  7. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi John, I took your photo ( to an Audi dealer. They pulled up a parts diagram for a 2003 A6 window regulator which shows "item 6" (green plastic part, bolt and nut), but they...
  8. Passat of The Month
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Passat of the Month for March, 2009!!! //hockey_announcer_voice_on Congratulations, jjjoooohnnneeeeeeeee caaaah-NUCK! //hockey_announcer_voice_off :lol: take it away, John! I've been a life-long dubber. I grew up in a variety of my parents (and...
  9. Canada
    Hi Everyone, new on this site. I have a 98 1.8T wagon with tip-tronic that I'm driving but have started to have problems hence the reason for joining this site. Hopefully I can gain some knowledge to get this thing working right again. Steve
  10. Anything Auto
  11. USA - East
    ive been a member on this site for a while i have a 2000 passat 1.8t 5 speed charcole grey GIAC chip and a custom short ram intake with a forged DV.I have loved VW's since i was little over the years i have had 5 beetles ranging from 1970-73
  12. Anything Auto
  13. Canada
    Just bought a 2003 Passat, fresco green. V6 tip, love it so far. Great site!
  14. Anything Auto
    For reason I cannot explain at this time my CEO and I got the pleasure and personal invite to join John Force at his facility for a conversation or 2 and a personal tour of the facility by John Force himself. I can say the guy is extremely nice, courteous, and well extremely funny...
  15. USA - East
    Well I am finally going to post some pics and a short list of mods. 1998 Colorado Red Vw passat 1.8t M3 Style rear spoiler 17 x 7.5 Speedy Longchamp wheels custom painted black H&R OE springs with Bilstiens shocks all around Projector headlights with clear corners and city lights Euro switch...
  16. Anything Auto One of the most famous (and perhaps infamous) automotive developers died today, John DeLorean was 80. Of course he is best known for his stainless-steel gullwinged piece o' crap that was oh so awesome in "Back to the Future", and...
  17. USA - Central
    Joining Up
  18. USA - East
    Hey folks...newbie here...Looking forward to pickin' brains when it comes to modding my new B5.5 TDI... First mod to be an OEM Navi (D version) and then maybe some new 17" rims..
  19. USA - Central
    I've got a 99 1.8T Wagon w/Tip, a 99 1.8T Sedan w/Tip, 00 VW Cabrio, and 01 TT 225.
  20. USA - East
    I just realized that I've posted about 12 times before formally introducing myself. I just picked up a 99 GLS after selling my 02' 325i (Now have an infant daughterso one of them had to go and my wife insisted on it being the Bimmer) Looking to tweek my B5 here and there. In the two weeks I've...
1-20 of 38 Results