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  1. New to the Forum, John from CT

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 1.8 T Passat 2003, 112K miles. Codes read cam sensor on a rough idle. Changed that, new plugs, coils, 96 octane gasoline, fuel filter and some oil hoses. Ran great for a day then bam! same issue but worse. Could the aftermarket cam sensor be bad? Dealer says the car is sensitive to...
  2. john kav

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I have a passat I had a guddering in my engine when idling at traffic lights so I cleaned my trottle body but now it seems to be guddering when I'm driving could it be a seal from the hose to the trottle body id be grateful for ur feedback on this or to hear from anyone how had this problem...
  3. john kav

    New Member Introductions
    Hi im a new member im having trouble with my 1.9 tdi diesel passat
  4. Passat of the Month for September, 2011 - wrknbum (John)!

    Passat of The Month
    For this month, we're moving almost as far east as you can go in the USA, across the continent of North America from our last POTM, to Little Rhody! That's right, the smallest state in the US is the home of this month's winner. John has slowly taken the time to modify his car to the vision he...
  5. john

    New Member Introductions
    Hello. I'm John Mitchel ,a newbie. hope I could learn lots of information here. Thanks
  6. Derhslacidar - John - Toms River NJ

    USA - East
    The name is John and I'm from Toms River NJ - Anyone around? Bought this Passat in August of 2007 with 108,xxx miles on the clock, currently the third owner. The PO's had extensive records of its service history =) It's a 1998 GLS AEB 5-spd. Came with full leather, cold weather package, stick...
  7. John McCain the backpedaler

    The Black Hole
    The maverick is no more. Now he now claims he never was a maverick. :crazy: What a joke. Just the same old, same old, lying we have come to expect from republicans desperate to get re-elected...
  8. Poor, poor John Kerry....can't afford the taxes to dock his new $7M yacht in MA

    The Black Hole BOSTON—Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is docking his family's new $7 million yacht in neighboring Rhode Island, saving roughly $500,000 in Bay State taxes. The Boston Herald...
  9. John Sheehan....

    The Black Hole
    .. is a douche bag. That's all I wanted to say. Enjoy your Friday evening.. :beer:
  10. Way to go John Kerry (and the Senate in general)

    The Black Hole
    Business as usual: PORK! Hmm, wouldn't you think that the Kennedy's have enough pull to be able to raise the money for his library via wealthy private investors? Yay, yet another obvious conflict of interest, yet the (appointed) Senator's staff doesn't see it that way. "He resigned from the...
  11. John D Oliver: Audi Window Regulator Repair K

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi John, I took your photo ( to an Audi dealer. They pulled up a parts diagram for a 2003 A6 window regulator which shows "item 6" (green plastic part, bolt and nut), but they...
  12. Congratulations to John Edwards!

    The Black Hole
    Looks like he and roccodan have more than just politics in common. John has himself a new baby girl. Was just wondering when Sharky was going to get around to posting a thread on this topic. I know he just eats this stuff up...oh, wait...wrong party. :poke:
  13. John McCain's Pork List

    The Black Hole
    #1. $1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa #2. $2 million “for the promotion of astronomy” in Hawaii - because nothing says new jobs for average Americans like investing in astronomy #3. $332,000 for the design and construction of a school sidewalk in Franklin, Texas - not enough $ for...
  14. John Stossel : Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity

    The Black Hole
    John Stossel addresses the Fraser Institute regarding free markets. Safe for work and well worth your time. Synopsis: It's fallacious to believe that more regulation and laws make us more safe. In general, history suggests the...
  15. Passat of the Month for March, 2009: johnnycanuck (John Andrews)

    Passat of The Month
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Passat of the Month for March, 2009!!! //hockey_announcer_voice_on Congratulations, jjjoooohnnneeeeeeeee caaaah-NUCK! //hockey_announcer_voice_off :lol: take it away, John! I've been a life-long dubber. I grew up in a variety of my parents (and...
  16. Steve in St. John's NL

    Hi Everyone, new on this site. I have a 98 1.8T wagon with tip-tronic that I'm driving but have started to have problems hence the reason for joining this site. Hopefully I can gain some knowledge to get this thing working right again. Steve
  17. Will John McCains New endorsement help him?

    The Black Hole
  18. So what did John McCain Do?

    The Black Hole
    To be fair I thought we should look at John McCain's record in his first years in the senate equivalent to where Obama is now. Since much of what a person can accomplish in the Senate is determined by seniority looking at what NcCain has done recently is apples and oranges. Unfortunately, I...
  19. WTF: John McCain announced today he is suspending his campaign

    The Black Hole Please America don't buy this crap, he must really be afraid of that debate. Now what, can barak win by default?
  20. John McCain's son & Silver Spring

    The Black Hole
    John McCain's son & Silver State Anyone following how this is barely getting coverage in the "liberal" (yeah right) media?