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  1. Hi,My name is Joe,Im very HOT,no ac.

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    Looked everywhere for AC RELAY,pulled entire dash apart,under hood,everywhere,NO AC RELAY 384 or any other. Suggestions.
  2. Hi, I'm Joe and I'm new member

    New Member Introductions
    Yeah, my name is Joe and I'm new to Passat World. I have a 2002 2.8L Passat that I'm, hopefully in the process of, replacing the water pump and new head gaskets. Sure looks like a tuff job because everything is so hard to get at. I hope you guys can help me. Joe
  3. RIP: Smokin' Joe Frazier

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    Joe Frazier, former heavyweight champion, dead at 67 - ESPN Los Angeles
  4. Passat of the Month for July, 2010 - 1meenb5.5 (Joe Castro)

    Passat of The Month
    This month's edition of POTM was scheduled to run a while back; however, when I first contacted the owner of this beautiful B5.5, he didn't get back to me in time to get on the POTM page... time went by, and suddenly, I got a PM from him - the guy's deployed in what's now the oven in the Middle...
  5. Joe Biden washes car in White House driveway

    Off-Topic Forum hilarious
  6. Joe (1meenb5.5) Ft. Hood, Harker Hts. Texas

    USA - South
    I cant believe I haven't posted in this section yet! :crazy: Well for starters, the name is Joe. Im from the beautiful island of Guam! Im active duty Army, E5 promotable.. Currently stationed in Ft. Hood, Killeen Texas.. I drive a 01 SC B5.5. You can see the car's mods in my past previous...
  7. that's our Joe!

    The Black Hole
    The great thing about America is that you can get busted for plagiarism and some day be the VP! Hillary would have known the address.
  8. Joe Holland VW, Charleston WV

    Dealerships and Service
    Just had my 40k service completed on my 06 2.0T at Joe Holland and nothing but good things to say. The service mgr is very knowledgeable and courteous, and everyone that I came in contact with were just as kind. My service came in well below the expected cost, and I feel that they were honest...
  9. Joe the Plumber: McCain appalled me, Barack scares me even more, Palin is real deal

    The Black Hole;_ylt=AuLzgldPDPWUK_0gpbUS33is0NUE So, he almost throws yourself at McCain, when McCain loses, he says, screw you, and hops onto the next big thing. Gee, this sounds like a pretty classy guy to me. He's milking every last ounce out of...
  10. Did Coldplay copy Joe Satriani?

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    you decide. i say yes:thumbdown
  11. “Good Gosh Almighty, Joe Friday!”

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  12. What to do with Joe Liberman??

    The Black Hole
    Should he be stripped of his chairmanship? Should the GOP get him to sign up? Now that the Dems have a simple majority they don't really need his support. However the GOP sure would like another vote.
  13. Screw Buffett and Powell, Joe the Plumber says vote McCain

    The Black Hole Clearly he would be Sec. of State material in a McCain administration. Seriously, this guy believes that his views should be regarded with such importance that he would make a public endorsement like this? It will be interesting...
  14. Joe - Los Altos, CA

    USA - West
    Ever since ive gotten my b5 ive been constantly on the watch on this site looking for new things to do and resources on how to fix things. but i think its time for a timing belt and i was wondering if anyone would be up to help me if youre in my area. ill buy lunch! ;)
  15. Joe, got any war stories?

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    If Obama doesn't watch it, Joe Biden is going to pass him up at telling tall tales.
  16. Joe Biden to the trial lawyer's.....

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    Joe Biden to the trial lawyers..... <music on>You've got a friend in me.<music off> this supposed to be a swipe at McCain?
  17. Joe biden ashamed of Obama

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    WASHINGTON, DC — Another case of Joe being Joe. The Delaware Senator took issue with an attack ad from his own side in an interview with CBS, telling Katie Couric that the Obama hit on McCain’s ignorance of computers and technology was “terrible.” The ad paints McCain as out of touch — and all...
  18. Joe Biden: Faith healer or con-artist?

    The Black Hole :lol:
  19. Birthday greetings from Joe Cocker

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    I have no idea where the birthday part of this video comes from, but someone sent it to me, and I will share with all the other birthday folk, past and present. In the spirit of misheard lyrics: With a Little Help from my Friends, Woodstock 1969
  20. Reason the average joe hates VW #312: The $500 Glovebox

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Reason #312 the average joe hates VW: The $500 Glovebox My mom's 01.5 glovebox failed on her--the handle came loose and one of the two black prongs disappeared into the shell of the door. Naturally, first thing I said was "just remove all those torx screws and open it up". Naturally, a running...