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  1. FS - New Jimmy Choo Rose Boots

    Misc for Sale
    Brand new never worn and authentic (Have certificate). Brand new in stores these boots cost 795$. The size is a european 38 (its basically a US 8). Asking 350$ or best offer, for additional pictures or any questions please email me @ [email protected] They come with protective bag and I...
  2. use your dipstick, jimmy...

    well... i would if mine weren't broke.. anyone have an extra? anyone planning on going to the wreckers soon? anyhow, looking for one wtih a handle and in good conition. i'll send payment.. probably around 15? let me know. thanks,
  3. Jimmy Carter on farm subsidies

    The Black Hole
    I suspect that so many will agree with the former President that this might not be BH material, but it's a good read nonetheless. Jimmy Carter: Take it from an old Georgia farm boy Wow, don't we bitch about other countries subsidizing their exports to the US?
  4. Jimmy, I'm sorry, you were right...

    Anything Auto
    ...I am in love with this: I implore everyone to try this. Get this car. Take the top down. Take it to a tunnel. Or a parking garage if a tunnel cannot be found. And rev it in 1st gear up an incline. It's the sound of Jeremy Clarkson having an orgasm. In an Enzo. Back story: I got this car...
  5. Jimmy (Xyro) - Plano, Texas

    USA - South
    Xyro - Plano, Texas MY2002 Passat GLS 1.8T Tip "Passalot" Current Mileage: 118,000 mi :cry: SOLD 03/2009 :cry: (replaced with this) Current Mods > APR 93 & Stock Programming > Neuspeed Sport Springs > Bilstein Shocks > Flik Arctics 18x8.5 > Falken Ziex 912 225/40ZR18FRONT 235/40ZR18REAR >...
  6. Is George Bush the "new" Jimmy Carter?

    The Black Hole
    Just listening to the news today about possibility of inflation increasing and was wondering if the George Bush presidency has become the Republican version of Jimmy Carter? I was only in grade school at the time Carter was in office but I remember the following similarities: 1. Inflation...
  7. Jimmy McGovern - Glendale, AZ

    USA - West
    I own a '99 1.8T Tip-tronic Metallic Black The only mod I've got going is 17x7.5 Fondmetal 6800 series wheels on 205/45R17 Maybe more to come
  8. Jimmy M. - Tucson, AZ

    USA - West
    Bought it Monday (6/9) after getting rid of my Camry. I love it. 2003 Passat GLX V6 Silverstone grey / grey leather Mods Limo back tint, legal limit front S2000 antenna Euro switch (DRL's disabled) Strongbad Window cling on front window Future mods Supercharger (this is about 7 years off, as...
  9. Jimmy Malone - Bellingham, WA

    USA - West
    Well, it's been 1 1/2 years since I joined; I might as well post a pic. :-P Everything is stock except for a modified airbox and the VW OE BBS rims. It's a 2000 GLS V6, manual + black leather.
  10. Jimmy Chow - Weston, CT

    USA - East
  11. Jimmy Kim - Lansdale, PA

    USA - East
    Hey guys... I've been stopping by every now and than ever since I started looking around a my first NEW car . I found this club by pure chance and cuz of y'all I fell for B5 head over heels. And I just wanted y'all to know I've just picked up my indigo blue glx today~!! [Modified by...