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  1. Adam vs The Man: Jefferson Memorial

    The Black Hole
    I see wrongs on both sides. When i was there less then a month ago, there is a sign that says, "No Demonstrating". They even said them self on youtube, they where celebrating the freedom of speech by dancing on his memorial. I posted my peace on youtube and got FLAMED. So, ya, don't post...
  2. Gussie - Mt. Shasta, State of Jefferson

    USA - West
  3. Kevin B. - Jefferson, Ohio

    USA - Central
    Hey everyone, I'm Kevin I'm 17, and this is the first car I've bought. Its a silver 2000 Passat wagon 1.8T, just bought it a couple days ago. 77,000 miles on everything except engine and turbo. The person I bought it from had his daughter drive it, and she put Bob's brand dino oil in...
  4. Mollohan, Jefferson Cases Hamper Democrats' Attacks Over Ethics

    The Black Hole
    Any thoughts? :)