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  1. Vendor Deals
    It's been another busy week, so we're bringing you the latest automotive-centric deals all in one lump this week. Deals on Jeep Upgrades from Morris 4x4 in the 12 Days of Building Sale Save Up To 55% on Craftsman Automotive Tools These Are The Best Books for The Car Lover on Your...
  2. Car Reviews & Videos
    Read the complete 2014 Jeep Cherokee Test Drive at
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I just picked up a 2001 1.8T, 5speed, Passat B5 w/ 67k off Craigs List for $3,500. An understatement of the year is, The interior was less that desirable. Apparently is was a barn find and had been sitting several years. I bought it to keep miles off my Jeep and save MPG. Since I...
  4. Car Reviews & Videos
    Read the complete 2014 Grand Cherokee Diesel Review at
  5. Misc for Sale
    SAMSUNG GALAXY S AT&T(new replacement) SIRIUS XM RADIO, GAMECUBE,JEEP PARTs,GUITAR AM Samsung galaxy s (captivate) no scratches, no scuffs, new replacement for my old phone but i left att. Upgraded with android os 2.3.5 $120 or best offer Sirius xm radio , ONYX model with all parts for in car...
  6. Car Reviews & Videos
    Read the complete 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Review at
  7. Parts For Sale
    Back on the market because my local sale fell through. These are 18x7.5 et44 wheels with a bolt pattern of 5x5 (5x127). I had adapters to make these fit a 5x112 pattern that were custom made from Adaptec but sold those. Four of the wheels have approxmiately 7k miles on them and one is brand new...
  8. Parts For Sale
    SOLD Like the title says, I want to sell or trade these Jeep Sahara wheels. I got the idea to try the wheels from a couple of guys on vwvortex and a friend of mine was selling his wheels so I thought I would at least try them out. I had custom adapters made from Adaptec which are 15mm. The...
  9. The Showroom
    Photo done without the use of jackstands or jack, suspension only :whistle:
  10. Anything Auto
    Hi Guys.. The reason you don't see me on here much anymore... If you want a good read then read on, if you want to help with a few problems just scroll down to the big letters.. For those who don't know. Bought a 99XJ about a month ago for $1300 with 200k on the clock. Things done so far...ready...
  11. Anything Auto
    If you are near the NY NJ area let me know if you have some stuff. I am looking for all kinds of crap, interior, plain suspension and nice stock rims. thanks
  12. Anything Auto
    Have you owned one or still do? I am looking to get one and aside from the tranny, squealing brakes and rear end some that some may have issues with, any other issues to look for? I just want it for some winter driving and to get to lakes in the summer up in Pa..passat wont make it to the lakes...
  13. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Curious about gettin some 2007 jeep wrangler wheels on my passat. Does anyone have any info about them fitting? I would have to get 25mm adapter. I do not want them to poke outside the fenders. those are the wheels. they are 17x7.5 and...
  14. Anything Auto
    2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Muscles Into 2011 New York Auto Show ________________ Leaps and bounds better than its predecessor, but it just isn't cutting it for me. I think the loss of the central exhaust was a bad move that made it look a lot less exotic. (Who the hell purchases...
  15. Anything Auto
    Mo Powa!!!!!!! 6.4 liter in a jeep!
  16. Anything Auto
    How "NOT" to pull a truck out of the mud watch the entire thing :rofl:
  17. Anything Auto
    Anybody have any experience with these? I'm more interested in on-road peformance. (Already used the search function, got ehhhh results).
  18. Anything Auto
    Jeep SRT8's Kicking Ass in these videos. :) Here you go, Johnny Cash walking the line! :thumbup: Jeep SRT8 and motorcycle running from the cops: Cherokee SRT8 getting chased by Cops... My Jeep running 0-60 with the small engine:
  19. Vehicles For Sale
  20. Anything Auto
    This is my 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 4.0 six-in-line at 149,000 miles. I ingested 8oz of Seafoam through the throttle body, then killed it and let it sit for ten minutes. This is a video of the results.
1-20 of 81 Results