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  1. Mobile Electronics
    I know a guy selling JBL 10'' subwoofers. I know nothing about subs. I can get further info from him but this wat i have...3 subs in a box he made plus a 500W Amp for $100. Should I jump on this deal? TIA
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Hi, i am looking to get an amp for my 12" Infinity Kappa 12.1 sub. I will have it in a sealed box. Do you know anything about those amps?Pros/cons? Any other amp i should consider? Thanks.
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Should I install them or sell them?? Because in a trip to Dubai I bought these stuff ... but now I wanted to ask what every body think?! 1. 2 x JBL GTO-6505CE 17cm 2 Way Component Kit for fornt and rear spec: 90W RMS 270W Peak 4 Ohms Surface, Flush, or Angled Tweeter Mount 55Hz - 21kHz...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    Ive got 6.5" and 2 1/16" depth speakers. Do i have to worry about the depth for both the front and rear speakers? DO i have to change the wiring? Andyone have links on how to change out your speakers? thanks
  5. Mobile Electronics
    So I've got the Stealthbox and was planning on getting the JL 250.1 but I found out I can't connect the remote gain on it. So now I'm looking at getting the Rockford Fosgate Power 450S to power it. Someone also suggested the JBL 600.1, which is really cheap but I don't know about the SQ. Can...
1-5 of 16 Results