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  1. Secondary Cooling Pump Leak??? Jay the Snork? PZ? Tomvw?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was chasing a burning electrical smell in my 2000 V6 FWD. I ran it down to the electrical connector on the bottom of the secondary cooling pump. thread seems to indicate...
  2. Jay's W8

    The Showroom
    Bad lighting and quality but I took this a couple days ago, let me know if you guys wanna see more! [/URL][/IMG] P.S. Ignore the random girl that jumped in the picture, I don't know who she is..:crazy: Completely open to any feedback! Thanks!
  3. hello jay how u gettin on

    New Member Introductions
    hi jay you got it workin yet?
  4. Jay Baltimore, MD

    USA - East
    I've been on PW for a little while and have just seen this board. Here's a photo of my b5 currently. Sorry for the phone camera pics. I love the car dearly. Brought it a year ago with 135,000 miles on it...
  5. Jay Leno goes 125mph inside his Garage!

    Anything Auto Steerable dyno with a simulator screen = awesome!
  6. Per Jay's prodding... need info on the B6 2.0T manual waggie

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Looking to replace my B5 and found an 07 B6 waggie with the 2.0T manual with 62000km on it at a dealership with the extended warranty for CAD$20,500. Can you B6 brothers help a B5er out and let me know any downfalls or issues to look for? Plusses? Thanks!
  7. POTM for August, 2010 - JayTheSnork (Jay)

    Passat of The Month
    without further delay... To the person(s) who nominated and selected me, I have a special thanks for you. It's not often (has it ever happened?) that a standing moderator who is in charge of selecting the POTMs gets a PM from another moderator that he's been selected as POTM! Imagine my...
  8. Hey Jay!!!

    Testing Forum
    Jay please add this post to the "parts list for eternity thread" in the info forum. Cluster repairs. Just follow the thread link below.
  9. Class Or Crass? BMW M5 Rendering (Yes Jay it is Photoshopped...)

    Anything Auto
    _______________ Pure class, the new M5 defiently looks awesome. :thumbup: :thumbup:
  10. Waste of time: A Note to Jay The Snork

    The Black Hole
    To JayTheSnork, I've wasted my time with you and your biased nonsense. You're really nothing more than a tin-horn dictator that singles me out because I do not support US policy for support of Israel. That would be fine, but seeing how your wife and children are Jewish, it speaks volumes...
  11. Jay Leno Drives a R-8

    Anything Auto
    My Lady’s Godfather recently passed; he was a classic car collector. His home includes a 15 car garage. She sat behind Jay Leno at the funeral, who she said could not sit still. Halfway through the service Jay left, in her words you could not hear the service once he started his Audi and revved...
  12. Jay Leno's comments on the American automotive industry

    Anything Auto
    "The type of vehicles America makes best are, unfortunately, not the type of vehicles that people really want anymore. Nobody builds better trucks than the Americans do. Not even the Japanese build as good a truck as the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Silverado. It's the same with performance cars. The...
  13. Jay - Waterford, CT

    USA - East
    I guess it's about time I put one of these up - I've only been a member here for 5 1/2 years!!! The car - 1999 VW Passat GLS, V6, 5mt, Black Magic. Leather, cold weather package, bought shortly before (1 month, maybe???) my discovery of with ~40k miles on the clock. Daily driver...
  14. Jay has been attacked!

    Alright guys, we may be at war with KAE because they attacked Jay's cities last night. I guess we're giving them a chance to back down but if they don't then we'll be at war. Here are the guys that attacked him: Dreadfort @38:55 Zhou Wan at 42:50 Copperopolis @42:53 wellman hall @47:58...
  15. Jay drives a Chevy Cobalt!

    Anything Auto
    I just got back from a trip to Syracuse (this time of year, Siberacuse) and had to rent a Chevy Cobalt. This little gem had 28k on the clock, was red, and had been thrashed a bit. For those of you considering this as a next car, I have one word of advice: don't. The good: the engine was...
  16. Jay E - Birmingham, AL

    USA - South
    2004 4motion GLX Currently 50,000 miles
  17. Jay in Frisco, Tx

    USA - South
    I've been posting here and never put myself in the directory. Anyway, here's the vitals: 2003 Passat GLS 1.8T Original owner, paid $23,000 Black with Tan interior 51k miles as of 7/25/2007 Mods: XM Commander in ashtray KVW100 Window module Sunglass holder Speed bleeders Fixed myself: Oil...
  18. Jay's Summer Build-up.(What do u think)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok, So here's my status. As of now I'm in Iraq and I've been spending LOTS of cheese on my 5.5. Just wanted to let you guys know what I've got so far and will post pixs as I progress. Right now my 02 B5.5 is in the body shop getting a full votex painted and mounted. Also I have the following...
  19. Jay's Summer Build-up.(What do u think

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok, So here's my staus. As of now I'm in Iraq and I've been spending LOTS of cheese on my 5.5. Just wanted to let you guys know what I've got so far and will post pixs as I progress. Right now my 02 B5.5 is in the body shop getting a full votex painted and mounted. Also I have the following...
  20. OMG, SNKVNNM made it on JAY LENO's.....

    Anything Auto "Garage". Ok, that was bad. But it's a very cool site and you can see all sorts of very very cool cars that he owns as well as an area where you can add your own, which is what I did! You can also rate the cars but so far, I haven't seen any rating meter so I don't know how that...