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    I am selling off most of my collection to size down, ran out of space. I will be listing tons of toys over the next few months so keep an eye on my ebay listings. Ebay Listings Some pics of small portion of what I will be selling
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    Hi everyone, I just bought a 05 B5.5 Passat and loving it. Unfortunately the car was a Jap import so it came with a Japanese multimedia station with EVERYTHING in Japanese... so I need some help figuring out the best way to enjoy my music while driving long distance. As it doesn't have any...
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    Delete please.
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    Okay, so we have a couple of threads running about whether VW can hack it in the American market. Let's have a little fun...for sake of discussion, let's say VW pulled up stakes and rolled up their tents today. What other car company do you feel most closely mirrors VW, and why? What would...
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    I don't get what the purpose of having your exhaust end 5 feet above the roofline of your car, but hey, I have Angel Eyes, and they're about as useful. I give you the Bososoku Parade:
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    My roomate was telling me the reason Volkswagens have electrical issuses is because the wiring is janpanese wiring and not german wiring. They are german made but with janpanses wiring and thats why they have electrical issuses sometimes. Is this true? Ive never heard of it. To me it...
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    Japanese Gangster Car/Van Mods Look at this wacky stuff! Digg it. enjoy.
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    I realize that this is old news, but to see this on TV today just cracked me up. A car that is powered by hamsters in Japan is just too funny to pass up. I mean we all suspect that Civics are powered by hamsters. Proof that the technology exists! :lol: I had a good laugh. I guess the way...
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    Yeah. I'm a whore for a black FD3S anyday. But boy was I surprised with their collection. I just spooged my panties. And new desktop image:
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    in terms of engineering perfection and unbeatable reliability in every quality surveys, how come their so-called premium brands can never reached the status of European premium brands? Only Lexus is able to beat them, in terms of sales, in North America. If Infiniti is really *that* good as so...
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    Yeah, it is from the 'Tex and long, but this is a well-written hilarious post. I was LMAO at work when I read this one. Well worth the long read.
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    With all the different threads we've had on this topic, I hope one more won't be one too many. I took my wife and two girls to Stratford, Canada last weekend. My brother, sister-in-law, and their two children live there. This was the first trip I have taken there since I sold the Passat in...
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    We all know that displacement of an engine - generates torque which is what accelerates a car. Horsepower is only a measure of how fast, ultimately, the car can go. American V8's provide lots of low end torque - due to their displacements. Remember the 6.5 liter V8's in Cadillacs in the 70's...
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    Is there an oem Japanese tail light for the B5? the one with a white strip in the middle? Ive seen a few members with it. Can someone post a pic of it? even better, anyone know where to get them?
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    I've been cheating on my Passat for about 8 months now.. I couldn't help it. Shes a redhead, some great curves, alot smaller, and ALOT faster with longer legs than my Passat.. I couldn't help it. She used to be completely stock.. but nothing like an 'Ambush Makeover'... We made her into...
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    As the topic states, a NIB Japanese Spec Euro Taillights (Chrome). They will not fit US Spec B5's. Only Japanese Spec B5's. Make An Offer. Best offer takes it. Must be gone by Sunday. Thanks For the Interest.
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    Someone posted a site for buying imported/used engines here before, but I couldn't find the link. Anyone have some links off hand? I might need to buy a KA24DE, or SR20DET...who knows.
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    An Indigo (or ink) Blue Passat Sedan with Japanese characters on the trunklid. You followed the tow truck out of the station on E.Shore Rd and up Bayview Av. I was behind you. Are you a member here?
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    What viscosity would be best for a 94 Mazda Protege with 120,000 miles? I was thinking 20-50, thoughts?