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    Read the complete Jaguar F-Type Coupe Review at
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    Read the complete Jaguar XK-R Convertible Review at
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    Read the in-depth Jaguar F-Type Review at
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    See more Jaguar F-Type photos at
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    Read the whole review and watch the video at
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    A friend of mine recently finished the restoration on his Jaguar XK-150, it is breathtaking:
  7. Anything Auto
    Link Odds are the person who coined the phrase "relegated to the backseat" spent more than a few miles riding in the back of a convertible. It's often a miserable place thanks to incessant wind, constant noise and typically cramped quarters. Then there's the backseat of Newport Convertible...
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    Get more: Jaguar C-X75 at
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    We've heard rumblings of a more-powerful XKR. We saw spy shots of the rumored two-door as it blew through the English countryside wearing a dash of camouflage. And now it's official: Jaguar is bringing a more powerful XKR to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and goes by the name XKR-S. We can only...
  10. Anything Auto Xynthia ripped into France merely hours after our arrival. Packing gale-force fury, the ruthless wind and rain battered the coast before moving inland with its crushing blow – sadly, it was the country's deadliest storm in more than a...
  11. Anything Auto
    1956 LeMans: Mike Hawthorn takes a lap in a D-Type Jaguar while giving on-board commentary Not a flat out race lap, he does some speed, but the on board commentary along with the two-way traffic on the roads makes for some interesting footage.
  12. Anything Auto
    blue LED ambient lighting throughout the interior not so pretty: the black painted C-pillar (probably to hide the panel seams), and the huge rear overhang. The trendy panorama sunroof and LED DRL. This is a 17 minute video introduction of the totally redesigned Jaguar XJ, with Jay...
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  14. Anything Auto So you think Tata will show their Nano with Jaguar's XKR on the same lot?
  15. Anything Auto
    I'm kind of disappointed that Jaguar, such a prestigeous company over time had to change their image to meet the demands of today's bubbly Nissan Altima like designs. Large headlights, and cheaper looking exterior quality. Jaguar has always had a bit of elegance to their cars, somewhat a touch...
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    We're going to be getting rid of the minivan soon (2002 Toyota Sienna XLE), and despite their practicality, my wife refuses to replace it with another minivan. She wants to go back to a car, but it has to be able to seat all five of use (we have three kids) with reasonable comfort for long...
1-20 of 31 Results