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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    So I'm pretty much in love with the AT Italia Razze 9 wheels on tirerack... I'd love to get the 19's but don't know if I should/can pay the additional money to redo the suspension which I'm pretty sure would be required. If I go with the 17's will I be able to leave the stock suspension in...
  2. Wheel and Tire Forum
    So I searched the forum and I cannot find a place to purchase VW Center Caps for the 17'' 9 Razze wheels. Anyone know?
  3. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Well I think I have decided and will be going for a set of 18" x 7.5" offset 28 AT Italia S5 wheels (made in Italy) for my 2000 4Mo variant. Similar to the 2004-2006 S4 wheels. I can get the 7.5"'s for so cheap that I cannot refuse! Now what are your thoughts on the 7.5" width? Will that be too...
  4. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Well, I finally got my rims, so I wanted to post a picture as suggested from my other post. I took a bunch of pictures, but the sun was too bright at the time, so I wasn't able to get anymore angles.
  5. Wheel and Tire Forum
    ^Behold^ We all want pics (I know I'm not the only one at least), so if you've got these sweet wheels on a Passat, post up! We'd love to be the judge of just how awesome these would look on our beloved Passats. -OR- If anyone has found pics of these wheels on any car (I've searched off and on...
  6. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Anyone catching this post... may ignore it. I've decided on other wheels.
  7. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Can anyone tell me the center cap size on an AT Italia 9 Razze (17")? Couldn't find any info about it and may buy them but would like a VW cap that would fit it. Thanks in advance.
21-27 of 52 Results