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    Who got the Plates "GOT1337" racing me I was in a IS350 on the 10 FREEWAY?
  2. Anything Auto
    Attended the Taste of Lexus event here in Chicagoland this afternoon. It was done up VERY well, very professional, and a lot of marketing thought was put into the event. They had every Lexus available for Test drives as well as showcasing them in the showroom. Catered food, massages, Golf pro's...
  3. Anything Auto
    Well I just spent about 5 hours tooling around an autocross track in the new IS from Lexus (in addition to the new E90 330i) at the "Taste of Lexus" event in Washington, D.C. I first had a chance to spend a good 15 minutes with the IS350 inside the Lexus tent. Here is what I think: STYLING...