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  1. Pulling out of Iraq

    The Black Hole
    The hole has been quiet lately, but I have been surprised to see this go by without comment: The United States is pulling all troops out by the end of the year. This of course excludes contractors (currently around 60,000 in Iraq), but not all of those guys are gun-slinging blackwater-types...
  2. US Military Video of Apache's killing civilians in Iraq

    The Black Hole
    Probably a repost but my understanding is video was released yesterday. A very disturbing video of the US Military gunning down civilians including 2 reuters reporters. Just a mind boggling video regardless of your stand on Iraq.
  3. Iraq Troop Withdrawal

    The Black Hole
    I want the troops out. Why hasn't Obama followed through on his promise? "Immediately upon taking office, Obama will give his Secretary of Defense and military commanders a new mission in Iraq: ending the war. The removal of our troops will be responsible and phased, directed by military...
  4. Is this the same Kuwait that we defended when Iraq invaded?

    The Black Hole If so... remind me again why we went into Iraq the first time... forget the second time.
  5. Iraq to US - GTFOOH!!!

    The Black Hole
    So the Iraqi Cabinet signs a pact along with the US to get the US troops out by 2011. Now, I'm really confused because GW all along said there would NEVER be a timetable for withdrawl. Just more lies I guess from the White House.:whistle...
  6. We've been spinning our wheels in Iraq...

    The Black Hole
    November 6, 2008 Russia Warns of New Missile Deployment By ELLEN BARRY and SOPHIA KISHKOVSKY MOSCOW — In a wide-ranging attack on the United States as it elected a new president, the Russian leader Dmitri Medvedev warned on Wednesday that Moscow might deploy short-range missiles in the Baltic...
  7. Bob Woodward's new book scorches Bush and his handling of Iraq

    The Black Hole
    from: It looks to me like: a) Bush doesn't trust his most senior military staff; b) makes end-runs around them; and, c) doesn't have a clue about what's really going on in Iraq, since he doesn't trust his senior military...
  8. Speculation Time: State of the US if we didn't invade Iraq

    The Black Hole
    So, pretend we didn't invade Iraq. Where would the US be today? Budget? Economy? National Security? Military? Prosecution of 9/11 "evil-doers"? Mood of the country? Reputation of the country abroad? Candidates for President? Anything else you can think of!
  9. Pentagon institute calls Iraq war 'a major debacle' with outcome 'in doubt'

    The Black Hole
    I know this war has been covered numerous times, but I find it quite interesting that the 'Pentagon's premier military educational institute' conducted this study: WASHINGTON — The war in Iraq has become "a major debacle" and the outcome "is in doubt" despite improvements in security from the...
  10. 5 Years in Iraq

    The Black Hole
    Well we have been in this mess for 5 years and if Bush gets his way it will be at lease 5 more. Dick is still saying Iraq was involved in 9-11. Even in the face of the Pentagon report that says exactly the opposite. BlackWater is still raking in the cash, oil is sky high with no end in sight...
  11. Al-Qaeda in Iraq: How Low Can You Go?

    The Black Hole
    Yes, I know terrorism has no scrupples but still...
  12. Going to Iraq what should I do for storage?

    B5 Garage
    Alright I'm going to be storing my 2002 passt in an indoor storage. I'll be gone for at least 15 months. Wont be back till Jan 09 yeah I know sucks. But what I need to know is what do I need to do to the car for proper storage? Any help would help alot. Thanks in advance. I love this site!!!!!
  13. Bye Bye B5 Hello Iraq

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well P-World (still Club B5 to me) I am selling my 3rd B5 :thumbdown as I am off to the Desert. I will be checking the forums from afar for a year and hope one of you has a heavily modded wide body for me 2 buy when I return :cool: . I just wanted to say thanx to all who have helped me over the...
  14. Progress in Iraq: Part Duex

    The Black Hole
    I was really suprised to find that over the last week (I was preoccupied), no one posted or owned up to this article. Before you dismiss it, it was written by two fellas hardly considered neo-cons or even conservatives. In addition, it was written in that bastion of truth the New York Times.
  15. Iraq for Sale....

    The Black Hole
    Party affiliation or no, I dare you to watch that documentary and STILL say the invasion of Iraq was just. Try having an open mind for once rather than follow someone blindly. Just a few little fun facts: - KMG/Haliburton get paid a higher profit, the more they BILL (not spend) to the...
  16. Sicko, Iraq, Moore v. CNN, Blitzer, and Dobbs

    The Black Hole
    Anyone seen Michael Moore's new movie, "Sicko," yet? Is it as funny as "Roger and Me," "Bowling for Columbine," and "Fahrenheit 9/11?" Here is Blitzer interviewing Moore on CNN
  17. Plan B for Iraq?

    The Black Hole
    If General Petraeus' startegy doesn't work, is this a viable plan B?
  18. Evidence of progress in Iraq

    The Black Hole
    I never thought it would actually happen.... We ARE making progress! Comments?
  19. Botched Hangings in Iraq

    The Black Hole
    How the hell do you botch a hanging or mishandle a hanging/execution? Is there a way to improve hangings and executions.
  20. Good News from Iraq

    The Black Hole Since you won't hear about this from the MSM, I figured I let you in on a little secret. Thanks.