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    I saw a thread by V-mann (I may have the name wrong - sorry) who mounted his to the passenger side of the center console and one (I can't remember the poster's name) who rigged a pretty slick ashtray mount. Where else have people been mounting iPods? This car has a pretty full console where...
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  3. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone here know if the new iPods (Classic and Touch) are compatible with the VW OEM iPod interface and MFD ver. D?
  4. Mobile Electronics
    Hey Check out this site Click here: It really works my Cuz got one 2 weeks ago. Try it
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion Direct connection with CD quality sound = YES Control your ipod using your car radio buttons* = YES Control your ipod using your steering wheel controls* = YES Charges your iPod internal battery = YES *You can change Next track, Previous track, Fast Forward &...