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  1. Peripheral Ipod2Car Cable

    Mobile Electronics
    I've had the Peripheral Ipod2Car Ipod intergration kit for about 4 years now and absolutely love it, but I have had to replace the cord a few times. Sometimes if I just slightly bump the cord it will pause my Ipod, forcing me to keep hitting play and it gets annoying. Anyways, I need another...
  2. Draining car battery with iPod2Car adapter?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, so I have this iPod2Car adapter in my Passat Wagon GLX (2002) installed and it seems to work fine. One thing i noticed even if i turn the ignition off and remove the key the iPod is still charging. Do you think this is a problem for the cars battery? thanks, M
  3. Peripheral iPod2car iPod® Adapter??

    Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone used this new version? I have a ICE Link plus hooked up to my MFD2 navi and it's OK but annoying since you can only play selected playlists. At least is does power up and down my Nano. Iwent the Dietz adapter with my MFD navi and liked havign the ability to control all from my Nano...
  4. ice>link vs. ipod2car vs icruze

    Mobile Electronics
    I'd like to connect my iPod to my car. I have a 2003 Passat with the Monsoon sound system (with in-dash single cd). What system do people recommend? The iCruze is tempting at the new $99 price, but it would be nice to be able to control everything via the iPod itself (the ice>link allows...
  5. iPod2car Installation

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    iPod2car: iPod/HU interface installation instructions For those of you who are contemplating iPod integration with your factory stereo, I just installed one such device, and I wanted to report my positive results, and offer my recommendation to anyone in the market for such a product...
  6. FS: Peripheral Ipod2Car Interface - $145 Shipped

    Classified Archive
    I am selling my Ipod2Car interface because I just received an IceLink as a gift and prefer the features of the IceLink. The unit is only about 2 months old and sells new for $179 + Shipping, you can have mine for $145.00 Shipped to your door in the lower 48 states. This should work in any VW...
  7. VW'02+AuxPod (ipod2car) Connection (see pics)

    Mobile Electronics
    I installed an Aux-Pod (now called iPod2Car) in my Passat '02 and am having trouble with noise interference. You can hear the engine through the speakers and also some static. I connected the Aux-Pod to the pre-wired CD changer cable in the trunk. The installation was very easy and the...
  8. iPod + VW questions (Dension vs. ipod2car, etc.)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, Total noob here with a 2001 5.5 Variant. I want to hook my iPod up to the car via the cd changer cable, and have been reading a bunch about my options here and and on Anyway, I have a few questions that I thought some of you might be able to address: 1. The Dension...