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    Hi am Mike21
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    im new to vw. stepdaughter crashed her 08 passat 2.0t. smashed the front end. i got a radiator, intercooler trans cooler etc from a salvage yard to try to piece this car back together. the first major issue i ran into is the radiator seems to be different than what came out. both radiator hoses...
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    Hey all nice to meet im looking forward to interacting and sharing info regarding my b5
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    Hi, Recently got a '16 VW Passat 1.8T in SE trim, so far we like it and would love to hear from you regarding easy mods to make it even better. Back in the 90's had a GTI with a ton of mods, loved it and even raced it. The engine blew and that was the end of it so hope that the Passat will...
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    New member checking the scenery out 2015 passat
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    Hi eveyone, I am a 25 year old who owns a 2001 Volkswagen Passat. I'd like to start getting into a better relationship with my car and I think this forum will help me like it more. As of now, my car is trying to kill me (literally) so if you guys can't help me develop a better relationship, I am...
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    My name is Bunk and welcome not just one but all new and existing members! Have a great day!
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    Hello, I'm a new member to the site and I am hoping to find some good advice for my 2005 Passat. I'm looking forward to learning more about my vehicle with the help of other passatworld members.
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    Hello everyone am hilzed from Zambia every interested in car engine
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    Hey, modder of the 1.8 a4
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    Hi all. My son's friend has bought a 2002 Passat with a V6. Since his dad is absent for lack of a better term, I'm faced with troubleshooting his car. All is straight forward so far, but I don't want to replace the wrong sensor. I'm now doing my two post obligation. thanks- Lightenupfrancis
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    Have had my Passat for six years, 300+K, great car but is needy and painful some times, latest challenge is Electronic Parking brake errors. Hoping to get some help on this forum and will return the favor if I can.
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    Bought my first VW a week ago today. 2018 Passat 2.0T R-line. Hoping to learn about my Passat and maintenance that I can perform on my own. Matt
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    Hey all, I'm a young guy who just bought his first car, a 2000 V6 5sp wagon. It has a few little issues, namely: worn suspension, a vacuum leak, and a rather large oil leak (work on the last two). One of my goals in getting this car was to learn more about working on cars with the help of...
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    Hey, I am a first time passat owner trying out this side for some technical insights that my dealership might not be able to give :)
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    hey everyone im brian a 34 year old master jaguar land rover mechanic who was brought to the dark side from my wife and only seem to find myself driving vw or bmw vehicles now. I have a 99 b5 2.8 manual trans and an 02 bmw x5 3.0. stoked to be on the forum and look forward to gaining and...
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    my name is tyler and i drive a b5 1.8t passat. i have mixed emotions about this car but we've had a long and expensive journey. i live in the southwest side of ohio. im 21 and currently in school for business and to get ase certified. im also a huge import enthusiast. i really dont know what...
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    Hello, just bought a 09 Passat Komfort. Wanting to find out lots of info. Looking forward to reading posts from you all and asking my questions! :)
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    Hey what's up all. Name is Brian and I'm from Missouri. I'm new to this forum thanks to my pos passat. Hope to find some answers about my car and get it back on the road.
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    Hey everyone, I have been using this website for a few years now and finally decided to take the plunge and join! Currently own a 2003 and a 2004 Passat Wagon, both 1.8t. I am in the process of turning two non running cars into one running car. Appreciate all the help and info on this site!
1-20 of 130 Results