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    Check out the OFFICIAL H2Oi 2012 Teaser video from Unitronic! Full feature coming SOON; Don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel by CLICKING HERE! Alex, Have fun guys!
  2. Anything Auto
    Well I did and it was awesome. I have more to say and pics and videos to post but I'm tired and I just got home so you guys get to wait :P . (Almost enough to corradodog a thread)
  3. Anything Auto
    Hmm, now i regret not getting an international driver's license, and I could be taking one of these for a spin. Apparently all you need to do is go to the dealer with a valid driver's license or in my case an international one. :(:(:(:(
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    is it happening or not :confused:
  5. Anything Auto
    Hey guys. I recently went to the 2010 Canadian International Auto show and my ex let me use her Nikon D40 with a decent lens on it. I used the manual mode a bunch a couple times and the auto mode a couple times so be easy :D ENTIRE ALBUM Dean (mrgreek2002) remembered that I mentioned...
  6. Anything Auto
    I'm planning on going on Saturday. Was going to be Friday but my nephew had to work. Just checking...
  7. Anything Auto
    Has anyone seen this series? I forget when it comes on (I just set my DVR to record the whole series) , but it's on the History International channel. They do hour long documentaries on a car maker and detail their influence on automotive history. They've already done Porsche, the original VW...
  8. Classified Archive
    I'm planning a trip for the summer and want to purchase a buddy pass with delta. I've used them in the past and am familiar with the process/dress code. Thanks!
  9. Events & Gatherings
    SHOW AT A GLANCE The Portland International Auto Show is the biggest show of its kind in the Northwest! We have aftermarket accessories, exotic cars and the latest examples of fuel efficient technologies on display. The Show fills the entire Oregon Convention Center! You'll see not only all...
  10. The Showroom
    only took a few pics of the ukpassat stand at the GTI international car show yesterday, rest of the day my son wanted t watch the 1/4 mile sprints lol anyway, mine and others on the stand and this 1 is the current passat of the month on here owned by g60dubster
  11. Anything Auto
    here you go
  12. The Showroom
    I go there today and take some shots, too bad VW doesn't show new thing :( , just the R32 that is kinda cool, and Audi put the S5 and the R8; those are AWESOME. Anyway, here we go and enjoy:thumbup: :
  13. Anything Auto
    So in doing my research for my next toy a 68 to 71 IHC scout 800, I ran across this thing. I understand some you drive trucks but this truck would probably literally eat your truck
  14. Amateur Motorsports
    A little video from the track on Sunday (not B5 but thought some still might enjoy it): In the interest of full disclosure, I may also post some video of my spin (once my ego heals). :banghead: :)
  15. The Showroom
    1 from the sprint W8 against RS4 the W12 650 bhp golf very nice R8 cars at styledynamics stand petes passion wagon a guy me and gori got talkin too with a 1.8t chuckin out 243bhp, he got about 8 secs on the 0-60 other cars the 450 bhp hayabusa turbo powered golf...
  16. Anything Auto
    So heres the email I got: I know its a scam, but im gunna mess with him Heres the email i sent back
  17. The Showroom
    Since the show doesnt start until Saturday i figured i would give everyone a little preview of the cars there since i was there for Press Week. Some are kinda blurry because my battery was dying and i was going quickly through the show. Anyway...some cool cars there, enjoy.
  18. Anything Auto
    Best New Engine 1. Volkswagen 1.4-litre TSI (Golf) 250 2. Toyota 3.5-litre V6 Hybrid (GS450h) 196 3. Chevrolet 7-litre V8 (Corvette Z06) 123 4. Mercedes-AMG 6.2-litre (CLK, ML) 117 5. Porsche 3.4-litre flat six (Cayman) 102 6. Honda 1.8-litre (Civic) 81...
  19. Anything Auto
    Just got back from the show, I managed to get a set of industry preview tickets. Show is pretty sweet. Lots of new displays with LED lighting. Anyway feel free to check out my photos and comment on the cars.
  20. Anything Auto
    Took a lot of pics, here are some. A3 Sline RS4 Carrera GT Lexus Concept New Civic hybrid interior, very nice my next car in that color! it's badass! S60R mmmmmmmm i love those gauges a Phaeton Supposedly the world's...