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  1. Parts For Sale
    GROM iPod/iPhone factory stereo integration $50 This is a GROM Audio connector that connects your Apple device into to your factory / OEM car stereo for the best audio quality and also control from your factory stereo (play/pause/back/forward). It is similar to the one at the link below but...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Will any of the products (USA Spec, Dice, etc.) allow the Monsoon to display song titles from the iPod? I'm currently using a cassette adaptor, but it definitely isn't a long-term solution. Any advice / guidance on product selection is appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  3. Mobile Electronics
    I know that I am so late in this. My 2001 B5 is 13 year / 145K old and I still have the original monsoon single DIN with tape & in-truck CD changer. I soon need to tear into dash for the dread heater core leak so I am thinking maybe it is time to get a new deck OR some sort of bluetooth/phone...
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Okay so i've been using a tape-to-aux cable for the last 6 months and i'm just pissed off with the crackle & shittty sound quality from it. I was using the cd changer and burning new cd's every few days but i get bored of songs easily, hence the need for my iPod to be with me. I don't want an FM...
  5. WTB/WTT Section
    Hey, looking for some type of iPod integration for my 01 :b55:. If anyone has anything available I'd love to know. Brian
  6. Parts For Sale
    FS: OEM Bluetooth Phone Integration kit Up for grabs is a OEM Bluetooth Handsfree Phone inegration kit. Has been in my Passat for 8 months and works perfect. I will be uninstalling it this saturday. I have the original box, papers, all parts (minus the zip ties) and the set of instructions I...
  7. Mobile Electronics
    I like OEM, not because it is awesome but because it keeps things simple. As I research adding a ipod kit for my 2004 double din monsoon, I'm considering wow with the new laws handsfree bluetooth would be nice also. So that leads me to an after market double din stereo with blue tooth and...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys so I looking into redoing my hideous stereo. The large single din is rather ugly and I'm looking into putting a new headunit in. I have 3 questions. 1) can any headunit still utilize my steering wheel controls. 2) can any headunit integrate into phatbox/music keg. 3) what's needed...
  9. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Well this is my fault for not checking or asking before I bought the car but I am really disappointed with the iPod integration on my '09 Passat. Having to hit CD and pick a disc to get to the play list, not being able to scroll, browse by artist, playlist etc is a real drag. My last car I could...
  10. Mobile Electronics
    i thought of a brilliant idea and im hoping i just dont fuck it up. ive already ran a ipod charger and aux cable to the center console armrest. its legit. its horrible having to reach with one hand opening the armrest and changing the song, so im thinking how sick would it be if i some how...
  11. Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I'm trying to understand what is the easiest way of getting my iPod connected to the Passat. I found and they seem to have a solution ready, which sounds simple. I've got some newbie questions: - Anybody tried the iCarKits solutions? - Do they show the playlists, artists...
  12. Mobile Electronics
    Turns out all the iPod adapters out there aren't created equal. I finally found one I like but it took a bit of work. Here's my take: Blitzsafe M-Link v1 Bought it at the local Best Buy for $99. Can be found online for cheaper if you want, but I was trying to use up a gift card from Christmas...
  13. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hi, Has any one been able to find a product where the IPOD can be used with all the functionality from the steering wheel (at least from the head-unit)? I don't care about the CD changer. I have a nav unit installed. Thanks a lot guys! Cat
  14. Mobile Electronics
    heres the link Has anyone used this system. Its about $160. Has anyone had any success with any other iPod integration with a single din Monsoon system?
  15. Mobile Electronics
    I did some searching already, but want to see if there are any new ideas around. Simply, here's what I want ...and would like to hear your thoughts; 1.Connect Ipod Nano to my regular B5 factory radio (non-monsoon) 2. Run the wire \ setup from the back of the actual radio to the glove box...
  16. Mobile Electronics
    Hello, has anyone used this ipod interface? Any pictures of ipod setups in the cars? Rick
1-16 of 22 Results