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    Sorry this is so long, lets sell it and delete the post! Hey Everyone- I am selling a Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop that I bought from my roommate a few months ago. I thought I would use it, but havent used it much at all. When I bought it he said something was wrong, and it wasnt working right...
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    Dell inspiron laptop... 500mhz processor, cd-rom, floppy, usb, network/modem Make me an offer
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    OK, i have a used laptop that i got from my brother brand new not too long ago, never really used it (have like 4 computers at home). I dont really know much about computer but its pretty fast, never lags or anything. Screen is pretty big, like 15" i think. Just ask me any question if u want. It...
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    Mint condition laptop approximately a year old. I have all original cds as well as packaging. Super lightweight, widescreen lcd (no dead pixels) perfect combo of functionality and portability. Base configuration + 512mb upgrade + intel pro wireless b/g. Will also include this laptop sleeve I...