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  1. Innovative rims by Radi8 for VW Passat at
    If you're sick of all the hackneyed trends the automotive industry currently tends to follow and looking to set your VW apart from the crowd, our collection of aesthetically pleasing and innovative rims by Radi8 will allow you to do so. By offering top of the line Euro style wheels, Radi8 will...
  2. Innovative wideband impressions

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I found a good price that I couldn't pass up and decided to bite the bullet and buy the Innovate LC-1 + Gauge package. I have to say I'm impressed. You get a lot of stuff for $220 ($260 Can). Not only do you get the gauge and sensor, but you can also use the serial port to hook up a laptop...
  3. 'Innovative' Web Page

    Off-Topic Forum
    I can't understand a word of it but if you browse there and watch the page for a few seconds, you'll see what I mean. :lol: It's SFW btw.
  4. Innovative Performance Group Buy On Shifters

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just spoke with Sergio over at Innovative Performance for shifter knobs. I am finally going to order a short shifter for my 99 Passat. Anyway, he went on to say that if i can organize a group buy, then I can recieve a discount. I would have to get somewhere between 5-10 orders. Does anyone...
  5. Innovative Designs for Vehicles of our future

    Anything Auto
    I was just curious, I am sure all of you have seen I-Robot, a great movie with cool robots that do what we want them to. The Audi in it was really amazing, do you think it'd be possible for cars to travel on spheres like that? When I was in 8th grade, way way back... I remember researching...