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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Hey folks! So it has finally happened, my Driver front speaker has blown. Im here looking for information on speakers and maybe a headunit. First off, I have a 2003 V6 Passat GLX with Monsoon. I dont know a large amount about speakers but i know some. From what ive gathered from...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys and gals, I have a 2000 passat with a monsoon stereo system. I am installing a JVC headunit very soon, then after that I am installing a Infinity Basslink powered sub. The thing is, I am not entirely sure how to do this. Please give me as much advice as you can on the best possible way...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Figured I would throw this out there as there is little/no info on this site about it. Was looking for an all-in-one amp/bass set-up for the trunk. Was not interested in a big box and amp eating up my trunk space. Looked around and saw mixed reviews about a 10" Bazooka tube. But I was more...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    So my long time friend John can get me the Kappa components for $90 a set through Best Buy. His sister in law works for Best Buy and she is able to get products at cost. I had Kappa's in my Jeep YJ way back in the day and well they were phenomenally detailed. I set a link to Best Buy's...
  5. Anything Auto
    I started to notice that the family is getting bigger and the kids are kicking the seats alittle .. maybe the Passat wagon is getting alittle small now and i was in the market for something bigger so i started to look @ the Infinity Fx45(v8) or 35(v6) AWD of course ..... what do you guy's think...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    Went to Best Buy and had a listen to the Alpines, not bad. The only other Infinity comp set they had was the 6020cs. The Infinity set was louder, had better bottom end but was a bit harsh at the top. The Alpines, thought not as exciting, the sound was more even throughout. The issue I have with...
  7. Mobile Electronics
    Im gonna buy an Infinity Basslink T. I was wondering how do I hook this up to my stock monsoon stereo? Also any experience with these basslink's? Are they worth it?
  8. Mobile Electronics
  9. New Member Introductions
    Anyone looking to upgrade their factory audio sounds? I have an 2006 Infinity Basslink II that I wanting to get rid of. Works perfectly but I desire more bass. I have all the wiring that you need to hook up the basslink. I bought it in August of '06, it has 25o watts and I have the bass wired...
1-9 of 56 Results