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    Hello Just wondering if any SoCal Passat owners here are interested in a set of window deflectors for free ? We are looking for a few Passats to feature in our online installation videos. We'll install it for you (no drilling, just 3M tape), then take some installation videos and pics, and the...
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    Guys; We are doing a study of Ford as part of our MBA programme and when we started researching it looked like they were performing particularly poorly. Now that the global economic situation and high fuel costs are begining to bite (here in the UK also with Honda shutting down production in...
  5. Anything Auto I thought the historical information was pretty cool.
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    "The type of vehicles America makes best are, unfortunately, not the type of vehicles that people really want anymore. Nobody builds better trucks than the Americans do. Not even the Japanese build as good a truck as the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Silverado. It's the same with performance cars. The...
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    (Found this on the Auto-RX forums, posted by the admin) Industry Selects Vehicles that are Easiest/Most Difficult to Service. Thought this was an Interesting article I read on Nolan & Association. One of the more enlightening questions we pose on our annual Fast Lube Operators Survey (see...
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1-8 of 31 Results