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  1. free VW Passat window deflectors giveaway, SoCal City of Industry 91746

    USA - West
    Hello Just wondering if any SoCal Passat owners here are interested in a set of window deflectors for free ? We are looking for a few Passats to feature in our online installation videos. We'll install it for you (no drilling, just 3M tape), then take some installation videos and pics, and the...
  2. New engine sends shock waves through auto industry Wave Disk Generator

    Anything Auto
  3. Insurance industry's campaign to discredit universal health care

    The Black Hole Watch the entire show 3 segments "Health and money in Washington" "Wendell Potter on profits or patients" "Health care reform on the table" You can watch the clips or read the transcripts
  4. Bangle quits BMW and car industry

    Anything Auto

    The Black Hole I lol'd so hard, milk came out of my nose :rofl:
  6. US auto industry

    Anything Auto
    Guys; We are doing a study of Ford as part of our MBA programme and when we started researching it looked like they were performing particularly poorly. Now that the global economic situation and high fuel costs are begining to bite (here in the UK also with Honda shutting down production in...
  7. Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry!

    The Black Hole
    Hello coal states! Seems Biden definitely was telling a lie in the debate about not wanting to kill coal. Not is that his view, but killing coal is really supported by the Dear Leader.
  8. Interesting Take on the New Fuel Regs and Survival of the Auto Industry

    Anything Auto I thought the historical information was pretty cool.
  9. Jay Leno's comments on the American automotive industry

    Anything Auto
    "The type of vehicles America makes best are, unfortunately, not the type of vehicles that people really want anymore. Nobody builds better trucks than the Americans do. Not even the Japanese build as good a truck as the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Silverado. It's the same with performance cars. The...
  10. Industry selects Passat as THE most difficult car to service!

    Anything Auto
    (Found this on the Auto-RX forums, posted by the admin) Industry Selects Vehicles that are Easiest/Most Difficult to Service. Thought this was an Interesting article I read on Nolan & Association. One of the more enlightening questions we pose on our annual Fast Lube Operators Survey (see...
  11. German Auto Industry on a roll...

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion,2144,2301436,00.html
  12. Life as a industry installer for mobile electronics

    Mobile Electronics
    So Ive been a busy litttle puppy.... This is the first year things have gone this crazy. Being put in charge of organizing and takeing care of picking up of other people not getting the job done has stockpiled up on me this year. Please note all of these project had outside shop...
  13. Fast electrics, and a whole new auto industry?

    Anything Auto
    I thought this was an interesting read. Maybe there's hope for fun electric cars after all. I also love the idea of 100's of small auto makers rather than just a couple of big ones. How about a whole cottage industry of building unique cars...
  14. Bill Gates' vision for the automotive industry

    Anything Auto Excerpt from the article: