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  1. Since illegal immigration is also a hot for them

    The Black Hole Wow!!!! With so many legal Americans having trouble paying for college, even a community college, it seems like a slap in their face. Even a slap...
  2. Author of Arizona immigration law wants to end birthright citizenship

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  3. White House Begins New Immigration Overhaul

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    November 14, 2009 White House to Begin Push on Immigration Overhaul in 2010 By JULIA PRESTON The Obama administration will insist on measures to give legal status to an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants as it pushes early next year for legislation to overhaul the immigration system...
  4. Best way to solve illegal immigration issue? Make them legal.

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    -- The New York Times -- "Obama to push immigration bill": "While acknowledging that the recession makes the political battle more difficult, President Obama plans to begin addressing the country's immigration system this year, including looking for a path for illegal immigrants to become legal...
  5. More on ILLEGAL Immigration end

    The Black Hole It's obvious, illegal immigrants are looking for a free ticket. AND our officials are actually considering. What part of ILLEGAL don't these people understand? UN fuckin believable. Although I'm a immigrant myself MY...
  6. immigration reform?

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    Read the original message first, if you even need to read the whole thing. then come back up and read here. yeah, this guy is the voice of the immigrant american right here. they are all just like this guy. Every Julio, Pierre, Xavier, Dimitri, Kosuuke, Juan Pablo, Montserrat, Paulo, you name...
  7. Immigration Bill dies in Senate

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    Thank God! Check out this funny video......Where's the Fence!
  8. Immigration by the Numbers.

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    I'll let you be the judge. 12 minute video.
  9. 6 immigration arrests at Atlanta airport

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    well aint this special
  10. Evangelicals Split Over Illegal Immigration

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    I have mixed feelings about this. How about you?
  11. Illegal Immigration

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    Okay let's get something out of the way. I was a firm opponent of illegal immigration. Well that all changed on Thursday night. Now let me explain. At my job we have CNN on 24 hours a day. Well Lou Dobbs has been going on about our "broken borders" for the last year. Well, from time to time he...
  12. Outsourcing X Illegal Immigration

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    I hear everyone bitching about ilegal immigration and that illegals are taking job positions of americans and all ,and I remember seeing a comic strip where 2 mexicans were hiding behind cars in a parking lot so, they see an american walking accros the lot to get to the building and say...
  13. Illegal Mexican Immigration

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    You NeoCons help me understand something. You have a Mexican who crosses the US/Mexico border to get a job cleaning out sewer traps at the local truck stop in Laredo, Texas or something. The truck stop owner, knowing he's illegal, gives him the job anyway because he can, and Mexi labor is...