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  1. MK III Jetta

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    just bought a replacement car for the oldest daughter - a 97 Mk III Jetta with 72K miles on it. I did the timing belt this past weekend (and finished a bit on Monday) and while I was at it, took note of a few odds and ends... 1. there was a little bit of oil in the intake between the MAF and the...
  2. Unexpected and amazing fuel economy with GEN III EA888 1.8T!

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    I thought I'd share some information that those with the 1.8T might like to know. I filled my tank at Costco with premium for the heck of it before going on my trip to Va. from NJ. After I arrived at my destination, I did something I normally don't do. I refilled the tank even though I had a...
  3. FS: Greta....2002 stage III B5.5

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    $6k obo Caveat before you read on....another member has already expressed interest. If him getting an SAIP takes away my CEL and gets him to pass an emission test, he said he'd buy it. This is being put up in case that situation does not work. Also, to show what I'll be parting in another...
  4. fs/ft 18" staggered mercedes real amg staggered monoblock III rims - $700 SUFFOLK L.I

    Parts For Sale
    fs/ft 18" staggered mercedes real amg staggered monoblock III rims - $700 SUFFOLK L.I ]full set of staggered sl55 real mercedes amg monoblock III wheels with tires. 5X112 the wheels are ready to use with minor curbs which is and easy fix THE 1ST $800 TAKES THE SET. suffolk l.i pickup $700 if...
  5. Anyone heading to Eurogasm III?

    Events & Gatherings
    Wondering if any of you are heading to Eurogasm III, or re-named Eurogas III. Maybe get a cruise there. Silver Sands State Park, Milford Ct. This saturday, May 14th.
  6. Eurogas III Formerly Eurogasm III

    Events & Gatherings Eurogas III Formerly Eurogasm III Share Location:Silver Sands State Park Time:10:00AM Saturday, May 14th
  7. GA: ~Speed & Mischief's~ Midnight Cruise III, 2011

    USA - South
    Well we are back again, and harder than last time. There will be hands down some of the sickest cars from all over U.S in Atlanta, GA for Import Alliance, and there couldn't be a better time for us to get together and unleash Speed & Mischief we all have within us. Plus we are collaborating...
  8. apr stage III+ turbo

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Has anyone tried getting there passat tuned by apr? i'm seriously thinking about their turbo stage III+ package. I bought a 2001 b5 passat with 135,000 miles on it and i really see potential in this car. Let me know if it a bad idea or not though.
  9. Buy my MK III please :)

    Anything Auto
    Hey everybody, Up for sale is my tan 1996 MK III Jetta 5 speed. Although she might not be the most beautiful car, she runs great! Heat is hot and AC cold. The transmission and clutch feel as they should. Facts: -Brand new battery as of 9/1 -156K Miles -I'm the third owner. The previous owner...
  10. WTB: Stage II or III for my 01 1.8t

    Classified Archive
    Like title states, looking for a stage 2 or 3 clutch kit. I have a 2001 A4 Quattro but I checked southbend and it seems the passat and a4 use the same clutch. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong.... :-) New or used, LMK what you have. I respond faster through email, TIA [email protected]
  11. FS: OZ Superleggera III 19x8.5 ET 35

    Classified Archive
    For sale is a set of OZ Superleggera III wheels with tires. I got these wheels long time ago and they are too small for my wide body avant. I belive inside of the wheels were repainted silver. Fits over stock S4 brakes. For BBK you will probably need 3-5 mm spaces. Wheels are 3 piece...
  12. FS: APR Stage III Turbo Kit and Front Mount Intercooler.

    Classified Archive
    FS: APR Stage III Turbo Kit and Front Mount Intercooler *PICS* nla
  13. NY Photoshots Pt. III

    The Showroom
  14. Snorkfest III! come one, come all!!!

    Events & Gatherings
    Snorkfest III will be held on Saturday, 15 August, 2009, and the raindate is Sunday 16 August. watch this space for details...
  15. One Pic, One Word: 2008: Renault Megane III

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  16. Blleeeecccchhh part III!

    Anything Auto Click on that blasphemy if you dare!
  17. Mobil 1 Using Group III Base Stock - Fact?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I see a lot of discussions about Mobil 1 moving to Group III base stock in various forums, like this one. However, I can not find any clear references to this fact. Mobil 1's web site states that they use Group IV base stock, however this does not preclude them from using a blend of III and...
  18. Feeler: 2001 APR Stage III Passat

    Classified Archive
    I'm thinking of selling my 2001 1.8T Passat. It is a satin silver GLS with grey leather. I just had the second timing belt done at 155,500 Here is a list of the mods: APR stage III upgrade package (GT28R turbo) APR front mounted intercooler Dieselgeek oil cooler Quaife ATB differential 30V V6...
  19. FS: Bilsteins, Koni Springs, 17" Miglia Cup III's (Twists), Road Americas, Thule

    Classified Archive
    16" OEM Road Americas A few scuffs here and there, no curb rash or dings. Black plastic lug caps and center caps included! I don't know how much these usually sell for so I'll start at... $350.00 plus shipping H7 HID kit... it's supposedly Bosch but I won't lie, it's not. 5400K works great...