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  1. Information required ice warning

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My handbook says at temeratures of 4DegC (39F) there is an audible warning and the dash temperature display flashes with an ice symbol. Then the ice symbol should stay on. My car gives the audible warning and flashes the temp display with the ice symbol but then the ice symbol goes out. If you...
  2. dont run after the ice cream truck kids you might get a surp

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    dont run after the ice cream truck kids you might get a surprise in china! and i thought i'd seen it all
  3. Ice storm in North Texas

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    UNT, in Denton, TX closed due to the icy conditions this afternoon. It's coming down now in Ft. Worth. Of course it's nothing like you easteners get, but everybody here freaks. What makes it so bad, is that the road crews don't spread salt here. They use sand instead. It'll be like driving...
  4. FS: Badges, bulbs, Misc. ICE...

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    Selling items 2 pay Christmas gifts left me short on funds... B(1.8T) & (4 MOTION) emblem Brand New never used.$10 ea. shipped. Brand New Philips BluVison W5W bulbs.$15 shipped (SOLD)Playstation 2 New in Box + 2 OE controllers and 2 games + all cables and adapters.$150 +shipping.Was...
  5. Customer care VS. Vanilla ice cream

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    From the Vortex. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Never underestimate your Clients' Complaint, no matter how funny it might be! This is a real story of a customer of General Motors and its Customer Care Executive. (Even if it is not real...
  6. Ice forming INSIDE my windows.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, with yesterdays -5 degree F weather, I had ice built-up on the inside, every other car that I could see was clear inside. I had driven the car 2 hours previously, so maybe the warm air inside condensed on the windows, but I do not find this normal. Any ideas?
  7. FS: Feeler ICE (DVD Player, in dash LCD, 1 headrest LCD)

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    FS ICE (DVD Player, in dash LCD, 1 headrest LCD) OK I'm officially selling the parts. My new DVD player is on order LCD soon to follow. I will be uninstalling the old equipment the same day that I install the new. Probably the first weekend in November. Here's what I got. What I paid and what...