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  1. FS: Badges, bulbs, Misc. ICE...

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    Selling items 2 pay Christmas gifts left me short on funds... B(1.8T) & (4 MOTION) emblem Brand New never used.$10 ea. shipped. Brand New Philips BluVison W5W bulbs.$15 shipped (SOLD)Playstation 2 New in Box + 2 OE controllers and 2 games + all cables and adapters.$150 +shipping.Was...
  2. Customer care VS. Vanilla ice cream

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    From the Vortex. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Never underestimate your Clients' Complaint, no matter how funny it might be! This is a real story of a customer of General Motors and its Customer Care Executive. (Even if it is not real...
  3. Ice forming INSIDE my windows.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, with yesterdays -5 degree F weather, I had ice built-up on the inside, every other car that I could see was clear inside. I had driven the car 2 hours previously, so maybe the warm air inside condensed on the windows, but I do not find this normal. Any ideas?
  4. FS: Feeler ICE (DVD Player, in dash LCD, 1 headrest LCD)

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    FS ICE (DVD Player, in dash LCD, 1 headrest LCD) OK I'm officially selling the parts. My new DVD player is on order LCD soon to follow. I will be uninstalling the old equipment the same day that I install the new. Probably the first weekend in November. Here's what I got. What I paid and what...