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  1. Looking for wireless headphones for my ICE.

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm looking for a set of wireless headphones for my system. Don't know if Infrared or RF would be good. Any suggestions? I'm looking at either one of these: or Both are $119 from Crutchfield. Pros/cons? Or would something from BOSS or Unwired Technology work just as good (They run...
  2. Dension Ice Link install

    B5 Garage
    I installed an Ice Link in my 2002 Passat this afternoon. I wanted to have a hidden installation, but have my Ipod fully accessable. Before you start - disconnect the negative lead from your battery. I decided to install in the center console, as it would not hold more than a mini-mag...
  3. FS: gauge pod, wheels, ICE, 3-spoke wheel

    Classified Archive
    Here's some things I need to sell so I can go ahead with version 42 when I get back. :lol: Pics are available of everything. 18x8.5 BBS CH w/Goodyear GS-D3 SOOOOOLLLLD!!!!! Arc Audio IDX/XEQ combo with double face plate and small OEM pocket $400 shipped VDO boost gauge w/wiring $50...
  4. I.C.E - HU Recommendations

    The GAMMA HU has got to go. I'm annoyed like hell that it has no lighting of buttons or display unless my lights are switched on. That's just garbage tbh. Need something with it's own lighting. Also, i'd love it to have Ipod Connectivety and conrtol over the crappy tape adaptor i'm using now...
  5. What's ICE?

    Mobile Electronics
    Yea, like the title says...I don't wanna sound like a noobie or anything, but I keep seeing ICE mentioned and have no idea what it stands for. Search turns up nothing since it's too common. Anyone? :confused:
  6. ICE Finished! for now.... ;)

    Mobile Electronics
    After a lot of work, its done. I wired everything up so that all components turn on and off with the Head Unit, no key required! (Thanks to everyone's help! Especially Paul, thanks again man!) Here's what I have installed: Clarion Calypso Sirius Tuner Clarion VS755 DVD Player Eclipse VM7211...
  7. Alpine ICE System Complete

    Mobile Electronics
    ICE Alpine CDA-9855 Alpine KCA-420i Alpine SIR-ALP1 Alpine MRP-T220 Alpine MRP-F240 Alpine SPS-171A x 2 Alpine SWS-1042D StLB5 Custom Fiberglass Enclosure Apple 40GB iPod
  8. ICE almost done!

    Mobile Electronics
    I'll be putting up some pictures later this week of my work. But I have a question. I have a Blitzsafe that plugs into the back of my Monsoon head unit that gives me one RCA input. When I ordered this adapter I had only planned on putting satellite radio through it, but now, I have a DVD...
  9. My Ice plans, Yey or Nay?

    Mobile Electronics
    My Ice plans, Yay or Nay? I'm trying to do this as inexpensively as possible, I dont need fancy crap like Pauls (I'm Joking Paul :lol:), just something to fill in the bass gap in my car I have a non-monsoon system in my car I'm planning to do the following: I have a brand new Profile CS12...
  10. Ice link vs. Neo iON?

    Mobile Electronics
    I am in the process of researching which iPod solution to use in my '02 Passat. I have a double din monsoon HU, and would like to connect directly to it. I have seen lots of posts for the ice Link, but none for the neo iON. Has anyone tried this? Please post your impressions. Thanks
  11. Chevette Ice Racing

    Anything Auto
    This is entertaining, some real racin', and could be the world's supply of Chevettes:
  12. iPod Ice Link and ProClip Intalled

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I gotta tell you, I love this Forum. Not Too Shabby gave me the idea for the Ice Link and jikozi told me about Proclip. After a several PM's to jikozi I figured out what I needed. Two of the daughters live on their iPods so it was a great gift for them. I installed one today and will do the...
  13. Ice Crystal Indicator

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    :D WooHoo!! finally got to see this snowflake on the display this morning. 39F and spitting sleet in Dallas Texas USA.
  14. My new budget ICE specs. Just want an opinion from u guys

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi Clubbers, Ok I just want to see if this kit that has been recommended to me is actually decent. I can't afford that much you see... My head unit is the Sony CDX-R3300 btw with 4x50W that is planned to drive the 4 speakers. Alpine SXS1757 Components for the front, £69.95 Fit your Pioneer...
  15. to those who use ice link or auxpod, etc...

    Mobile Electronics
    what does the display of the stereo do when the ipod is connected? is info displayed? if not, is there knowledge of anything that will display the ipod info when plugged into the monsoon head unit?
  16. my ICE upgrade...

    Mobile Electronics
    Decided to upgrade my HU this weekend. I was debating between the Pioneer AVIC-N1 and the Alpine IVA-D900. As feature packed as the Pioneer was, I wasn't big on the touchscreen, the lack of the sound processor with the Pioneer was a tad disappointing, and my car already had the alpine...
  17. RS6 On Ice

    Anything Auto and film Audis test car :shock:
  18. Jan 25th Ice storm pics

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    For my Birthday I got to drive in the worst ice storm of the year :crazy: Highlights were 2 hours driving on ice at 25-30mph where a 18 wheeler jacknifed and flipped less than 1/8 my behind me, and lots of flipped SUV's. There was one 18wheeler whose trailer got pulled apart into 2-pieces...
  19. Tires - All Season, Snow or Winter (ice)?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    The debate in our house is whether winter tires would significantly improve winter handling. This is the 2nd winter with Michelin X All Season radials and the handling is satisfactory. However my younger son is of the opinion that winter (ice) tires would perform better. His analogy is...
  20. Information required ice warning

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My handbook says at temeratures of 4DegC (39F) there is an audible warning and the dash temperature display flashes with an ice symbol. Then the ice symbol should stay on. My car gives the audible warning and flashes the temp display with the ice symbol but then the ice symbol goes out. If you...