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    *note*, i no longer do this, but feel free to throw your opinion out anyways. so i discovered that for my constant stoping, suburb/stopsign/stoplight/neighborhood driving if i throw the car into neutral long before i have to stop, i can coast for a LONG while without loosing much speed. this is...
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    When I go on trips I always use the cruise control. The problem is there doesn't seem to be anywhere to comfortably put my right foot. The left can sit flat on the floor, but the center console area slopes down to where my foot goes and its driving me crazy. Anyone else, ideas, suggestions?
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion baby is hurting, possibly TOTALLED. I was cruising with the family today to the beach....and the lady in front of me stoped all of the sudden to let a little girl cross the street. I stopped in did the lady behind me (in a Jeep Cherokee) but the guy behind her (in...
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    I decided to change the air filter on my 2000 1.8t 5spd today. I picked up a K&N from Autozone and then went home to install it. In the process of taking the lid off of the airbox I noticed a torn hose... I can't be sure if it was already ripped or if it ripped in the process of removing the...