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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I am the oddball purist here. I have a 2005 Base GL, Urban Gray. Only options are leather and tiptronic. It has 15" factory hubcaps with 14 spokes. I don't even know if hubcaps have different style names like wheels do, but the part # is 3B0601147HRYQ. When I bought the car last October, I noted...
  2. Parts For Sale
    1998 B5 -- lighlty used grey mats, OEM hubcaps, and salvage headlights ONLY THE MATS AND HUBCAPS (and salvage headlights) REMAIN. The H&R springs and grille were sold. If you think you could use either the mats or hubcaps and are willing to pay shipping plus $5 to humor me, let me know...
  3. Wax On, Wax Off
    I found some used OEM hubcaps recently for free on Craigslist, but there is a fair amount of brake dust on them. I am considering PlastiDip'ing them black, but would it be best to try and clean off the excess brake dust first? I am concerned that the PlastiDip won't adhere properly if sprayed on...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Set is off my '09 MKV Jetta... They have probably about 20k on them... Perfect condition. I would REALLY rather not ship, but if it's critical, we can probably work something out. I am in the Salt Lake area and work in Ogden... I am happy to meet most anywhere in the metro area. How does...
  5. Parts For Sale
    Dad wants me to trash them, but if anybody needs them PM me or email me at [email protected] All are straight, one hubcap is missing the VW emblem, otherwise they're all in great shape and they need tires. Free to whoever wants them, I will have them for 2 weeks before they're scrapped. Prefer...
  6. WTB/WTT Section
    Looking for, 4 hubcaps for 15 inch wheels for my wifes daily. Cheap as possible. Thanks
  7. WTB/WTT Section
    Hey I'm looking for 3 parts. -Piston assembly that holds the hood open. Mine must have blown as it no longer holds it open -The audio adjuster knobs that are on the monsoon... Adjust the bass treble etc. One of mine fell into the ash tray :( I only need one. - One 15" OEM hubcap for b5.5...
  8. Parts For Sale
    I have the original wheels from my 2003 Passat GL. It's tires are quite new. I changed them out with some bigger and wider Audi Wheels. I can send you pics. The hubcaps have some scratches on them. Nothing major or broken. $250 picked up. Los Angeles
  9. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Got myself a set of 16" steelies, need hubcaps, don't want to spend much. Ideas? Thank you in advance.
1-11 of 54 Results