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  1. The Black Hole
    Really??!! No, not really.:lol::lol:
  2. Anything Auto
    has anyone tried Howard stewards mechanical race pumps and had any luck with them? i tried one last summer on my alcohol smallblock drag car and had nothing but a fricken headache. i called and talk to the man himself even on saturady afternoon when i was at the track and still couldn't get the...
  3. USA - Central
    We just purchased our first Passat a couple months ago. Right now its pretty plain but we love it. Plan on doing some cosmetic stuff to this summer, just dont know where to begin. :) 2000 1.8T Passat Wagon
  4. The Black Hole
    The Democratic party is done. They are so confused. If any additional proof was needed, this is it. His election as party chairman is a huge mistake. Just a few short months ago he couldn't even secure the Democratic nomination for President. They're...