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    i own some 19" TSW Holstens. when i take a caliper to them, i get 72.2mm for the bore diameter. 73mm rings are too big. 72.6 too big. the 71.6 i have in them from ECS fit, but the bevel geometry doesn't quite match, making them "taller" when inserted. i've tried sanding the rings down a bit to...
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    cant beat this deal for :Set of Four Brand 19" Staggered Size TSW "Holsten" Wheels, Two 19x8.5" (35mm offset) and Two 19x9.5" (35mm offset) 5x112mm and 5x100mm $580 shipped brand New ...Cant beat That!:icon_eek...
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    We're looking to buy some 20x8.5 TSW Holsten's for our 2006 Passat 3.6. Any ideas on the best Vendor/price to find them? We're looking for Silver and not the Chrome. Thanks in advance for any help! :thumbup:
1-3 of 5 Results