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  1. Waterfest - Whos going to be at the E. Brunswick Hilton

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    Is anyone going to be at the Hilton E. Brunswick, Im stayin there Friday n Saturday night
  2. Anybody want to go to Hilton Head in July?

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    Sorry for the sales pitch, but due to some serious horse medical issuse (the horse is being loaded up to go to Ohio State's vet school as I type this), we're not going to be able to take advantage of our timeshare this year (plus we're gonna NEED THE MONEY), so I'm offering it up for sale at...
  3. Me @ ocean city Hilton

    The Showroom Its short, and just me and my car and some blabber from me. Just wishing my car was that pretty right now, damn salty vermont roads and steel wheels. Credit to joel a friend from audiworld for the wonderful reaction laughs and the camera work. lol
  4. Headed to Hilton Head next Saturday....

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    Boy do we need a break. My wife and I are totally burnt out at our jobs and our kids, well they are just going along for the good weather. But seriously the break will be nice. I am teacher at a career and tech school and we are going thru a ton of changes due to a new director. We are all...
  5. Paris Hilton Jail Diaries!!..LOL..funny!

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    This is copied from the Los Angeles times today.... funny stuff.. DAY 1: Arrived late Sunday night. So tired. Asked if I could check into my room immediately. Quite possibly the rudest concierge I have ever met. I told him he was fired. Not the effect I'd hoped for. And no, I did not register...
  6. Paris Hilton Sentenced to 45 Days in Jail

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    :thumbup: cant wait for the new jailhouse videos;)
  7. Hilton Head, SC

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    The family is heading to HH, SC this Saturday. I have never been there....any suggestions? Restaurants? Etc? I have 2 samll kides, 4 yrs and 9 months... Thanks
  8. Paris Hilton's Car

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  9. And you thought Paris Hilton was a wild one...

    Off-Topic Forum But honey, I wasn't going to cheat on you! They just came in! :lol:
  10. Paris Hilton Seeks to Halt Sex Video

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    This is too funny. My favorite quote from the story: Although Hilton knew the video was being made, her representatives said, leaking the video was "horrendous and in such bad taste." Up until now, I was...
  11. the hilton sisters: i want your opinion. hot or not?

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    ok forget they have riches and famous friends, imagine they were broke and living by the dairy queen, truthfully are the hot or not! imho they have the shapes like 7 year old boys, i mean the have people starving in africa that would call them skinny, and parris has that kooky ass eye. i think...