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  1. The Taconic state parkway accident, to think I felt bad for her!

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    If she was not dead she should be, sorry but this is eff up! DA: Driver in fatal crash impaired by marijuana, alcohol Posted: 04:30 PM ET From Edmund DeMarche CNN NEW YORK (CNN) — The driver responsible for a deadly head-on collision that killed eight people — including four children — on the...
  2. Replaced my Wife's Transmission in her 01 Passat 1.8t

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So i replaced my wife's transmission in her 01 Passat 1.8t. What a job that was. Luckily I have a mechanic that let me use his garage after hours, and a local dubber let me borrow his engine support after spending too much time trying to get the old one out without taking off the K frame... I am...
  3. You think the 40k maintenance would make her happy. Ha.

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    Did my 40k maintenance. Well, at 148k, but you get the drift. Everything went smooth. A PCV valve got replaced, as well as the common oil breather hose. Drove to work through the city, everything was just as good if not better, while driving home at a stop light, she randomly threw these...
  4. Palin Quits Her Job

    The Black Hole
    Does this mean Willow is knocked up, or did she get a job as the new Fox News weathergirl? Or maybe she's been "hiking the Yukon trail" with some cannuck?
  5. Washed her up, HID fogs, and smashed windshield

    The Showroom
    So, decided to spend the morning detailing.... Washed her up really nice, detailed the crap out of it.... swapped the fog light bulbs from 3k to 5k, and then dropped a ratchet on the windshield to crap it (URGGHHHHHHH). The only upside is i had a huge rock chip that I was planning to replace...
  6. should I keep her or let her go?

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    My 1999 Passat with 174K miles on her. Will probably need in the next 5K miles Timing Belt job (800) Engine mounts (??) Spring/shocks (600) f/r disk/pads still on the original clutch but doesn't feel like it's slipping so?? the car is probably only worth 2-3 grand private sale... so keep her...
  7. just got her... and a vw virgin, but allready in love

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    \ that is my dog (the little black spec on the right) he is a dachshund, German car German dog
  8. Mom guns down her own son at gun range in FL

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless, comments? :icon_eek:
  9. Image Come to Life: Woman Gets to Thank Firefighter Who Rescued Her in 1968

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    Here's your feel-good story of the day, the rest is at Check out video from the Today Show on the meeting:
  10. taking her in on Thursday for misfire and sputter

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a '99 V6 and some of you've suggested my coilpack may be bad. I went to Checker and they told me I have a misfire code (didn't show which cylinder). I've ran a couple of tanks of Techron and it helped a bit, also it gets worse at low RPMs especially between 2 & 3k. I figure it's either...
  11. Girl asks Santa to stop her relative's molestation

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  12. Dumped Her

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    I snapped a few quick pics of my car this weekend after the coilovers went in. It wasn't a very nice day out and i was busy so the pics are less than perfect but you get the idea...hope you guys like it. Thanks for looking, Bill
  13. Should I let her go? v.Houston Crew

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a 2000 1.8T with ~178,000 miles. Lately, she's been acting up - ABS module needs to be replaced, weird sounds from front suspension, check engine light, and sudden drops in RPM when car is idling. I have ~1 year left for college, and planned to keep her till I graduate, but I'm just...
  14. Palin claims her First Amendment rights could be endangered by the media

    The Black Hole First Amendment for reference: I can't believe it. Palin ACTUALLY believes that her First Amendment rights are being endangered by the media? This is ludicrous. I think she missed the part of...
  15. I smacked her up :(

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I spun my car into a cement divider the other day :cry::mad::banghead: All things considered, the damage is pretty minimal, looks like I'm in it for a R-support, bumper cover, a headlight, and a headlight support. Luckily, no sheet metal was damaged. :icon_eek: It could have been FAR...
  16. Woman Sells Her Husband's Nuts!

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    :icon_eek: :lol:
  17. So here she is with her new shoes on and coils....Little pic heavy

    The Showroom
    Little Pic Heavy... So we finally got the Wheels on tonight. The coilovers we put on this past weekend, and we are finally seeing the fruits of our labors. I think it looks sick. We definately want opinions. If you look please post. Thanks so Much for everyones help on here, with tire...
  18. A mother's grief: Heartbroken gorilla cradles her dead baby

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    :( A mother's grief: Heartbroken gorilla cradles her dead baby
  19. Almost had her a year and...

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    already have gone through 3 sets of wheels. The first set. Still have these. Just waiting on to get these fixed. Then bought these for OEM goodness and will likely just run these in the fall/winter. Now I got a good deal on these cause front passenger was cracked and had a effed lip. So...
  20. My Passat chillin with her homies.

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    My Passat and friends... My best friend Adrian met up with me at my mom's house earlier, I go there to wash my cars since I can't wash at the apartment. :( So while I was at it, we cleaned my mom's beetle and his Phaeton, then parked for a mini photo shoot. :) Enjoy: