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  1. B5.5 Headunit working, but no sound

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm getting ready to put my 2003 GLS wagon up for sale. Neither of the rear door lock actuators were working, so I got aftermarket parts and replaced them. Afterwards, the radio appeared to be working, but there was no sound (there had been sound before). This is a "premium" system, no Monsoon...
  2. Factory headunit - 2 Amps?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, so i just got my first '13 Passat a few weeks back - had a Mazda3 that got totalled out on me...while everything else on the 3 was vehicle specific, i did pull my audio setup. 2 amps, a sub, 0guage power wire and all of my RCA cables. Really hate the factory audio quality of the...
  3. Two antenna wires on Monsoon Headunit? How to connect? [pic]

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm totally baffled. I've been searching for a week here and vortex. I have two antenna looking ports on my monsoon headunit and two wires in the wiring harness that look like they want to go on the headunit, but don't fit. The are both female connectors?? I assume one is the remote wire for...
  4. Bluetooth Headunit BEEP Glitch... HELP!

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Hi All, first time posting on this forum, although I wish it were under better circumstances. I've been really happy with my 2014 Passat 1.8 TSI Wolfsburg Edition, purchased new in September 2014, with the exception of this maddening glitch my car has with the Bluetooth Audio mode on the head...
  5. FS: Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS - Double-DIN DVD + Microbypass - $200 + shipping

    Parts For Sale
    FS: Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS - Double-DIN DVD + Microbypass - $185 + shipping Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS double-DIN headunit - great headunit that plays discs and has a fantastic iPhone interface, plus HD radio. Includes all the Pioneer appradio "junk" so you can, for example, run Waze on your iPhone and...
  6. Removing Headunit SURROUND (04 b5.5)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys. I have a 2004, RHD B5.5 Passat imported from Japan in 2010. It has the wooden trim around the headunit / climate control system and I would like to find out hwo to remove that so I can put in an extra button on those empty black spots! Any ideas? I know there are two torx keys in the...
  7. Removing the Headunit / Dash on a B5.5 04 Passat

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys. I have a 2004 B5.5 passat (sedan version) and am having trouble replacing the stereo in it. Pictures are as follows. The car was originally from Japan and imported to New Zealand in 2010. Passat - Imgur My car does not have the four key holes typically seen on Passats, and so I...
  8. B6 Switched live location?!?! For aftermarket headunit & Parrot kit

    Mobile Electronics
    So i didnt realise that B6's use a CAN BUS system for the head unit and here i am. Ive been searching the internet high and low for the last 3 hours for a solution to no avail, I just want to know what people have done to overcome the task of turning the radio on and off manually haha. The main...
  9. FS: Garage clean - Pioneer plug and play headunit, wagon hatch chrome strip, more

    Parts For Sale
    Hey folks - second time posting this but I sold a bunch of stuff and haven't been on for awhile. Passat has been gone since summer so I can conceivably be flexible on prices. Just ask. No trades, of course, since I ain't got no Passat anymore... Blanket statements: - Buyer pays shipping unless...
  10. What cd changer will work with Gamma headunit.

    Mobile Electronics
    Ive seen a few but they have different part numbers eg: 1J6 035 111 CX-CV1820LHF ... and a few others. Are they all interchangeable, they all look the same... Thanks.
  11. Monsoon amp/Aftermarket Headunit Fix

    Mobile Electronics
    There are some on this forum that have had issues with battery drain after installing an aftermarket head unit in their Monsoon-equipped Passat. Although this is not THE definitive fix, this is what has worked for me. The Monsoon amp turns itself on and off by sensing signal on the Driver's side...
  12. SmartAuto24 Award Plan for GPS DVD Headunit Order
    We encourage PW members to compare our products/prices/service with other sellers. We can do a better job if we know more about our competitors and ourselves Here is our award plan (real dollar ;)) 1) $50 award for member who post the first review of our products on the forum (not less than 5...
  13. Welcome!
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  14. New Headunit - Info needed

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all. Just been looking at this headunit - Alpine CDE-W235BT I've been on the phone to Halfords (UK) and he think that for my car, it shouldnt need a facia plate adaptor and also should be using a standard wiring setup. Apparently it was one of the few before sizes were changed to need...
  15. I've blown a speaker, Let the fun begin

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey folks! So it has finally happened, my Driver front speaker has blown. Im here looking for information on speakers and maybe a headunit. First off, I have a 2003 V6 Passat GLX with Monsoon. I dont know a large amount about speakers but i know some. From what ive gathered from...
  16. B6 OEM Headunit

    Parts For Sale
    As the title states I have an OEM head unit out of my B6 Passat. Display, buttons, and functions all work. If interested PM me so I can give you my PayPal info. Asking $125
  17. Problem playing DVDs and pictues on PIONEER headunit

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello Im having a weird problem, yesterday i took my passat b6 to a dealer that supposed to install this unit without any problem, but since dealers here are inexperienced i've got a WEIRD problem. first of all, the green wire of parking brake when i ground it the dvd is working, if i put the...
  18. question about pioneer headunit

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello guys i ordered a Pioneer AVH-P1400DVD for my Passat B6, and i also ordered a Scosche VW2317AB 2006-Up Volkswagon Jetta/Passat/Rabbit/GTI Double DIN with Pocket , now i wonder what wire harness and antenna adapter to get, and if there is any other things to get? i found this wire harness...
  19. headunit draining battery?

    Mobile Electronics
    I know this doesnt have to do with my Passat, but I figured Id ask some of you guys if you know anything about this considering this is the electronics section lol. Anyways, Im pretty sure on Saturday Im buying an 04 Golf for $1000. Why so cheap? The kid bought an 09 Rabbit and doesnt need this...
  20. 2001 passat wagon w/ king kong in the trunk.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    hello this is my first time really installing a system by myself but i had an idea of how to start. but i used some of the helpful info on here and google :wrench: 2001 passat wagon subs - 12's pioneers amp - Infinity Reference 1300a. i had a real nice 5 channel kicker amp but i seem to...