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  1. 2003 GLX 151k Headed to 200K?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2003 GLX 151k Headed to 200K! The wife had been shopping for a new car and just didn't find anything she liked as much as her passat. So at 151k, it got its second timing service. Looking back, the car has been pretty solid. Of course there have been a few issues but all in all, it has been...
  2. Volkswagen Bulli Microbus Concept Headed to Production

    Anything Auto
    Remember the retro-tastic Bulli from Geneva? If not, then this link should refresh your memory. Well, Volkswagen research and development boss Ulrich Hackenberg says it wasn't just a snazzy show concept—the company plans to put it into production, under the MDS (modular design system) platform...
  3. Audi TT RS headed to America after Facebook petition success

    Anything Auto
    Audi has just announced that it will begin importing the hottest version of its little sports car, the TT-RS, in the third quarter of next year. The product move comes after Audi whipped up a Facebook petition page that gathered in excess of 11,500 signatures in just a month's time. The move...
  4. Volkswagen Amarok Reportedly Headed to North America

    Anything Auto
    a solid 5 years away, if not longer.:thumbdown
  5. Young Hot Headed Noob Here!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone :) Im new to driving, and VW first car a 2003 Pearl White 4motion Passat just wanted to know anything I might want to know about the car :D I hope to hear from you guys soon everyone around here seems really nice and kind so hope to get some help. Only mod I put into it is my...
  6. Headlights, grille, fin, ect. - headed to the junkyard, take what you want

    Classified Archive
    So after a short 11 months of having my 99' V6, and thousands of dollars later, the smartest thing to do is take it to the junkyard. 197,000+ miles with a huge oil leak in the engine and smoke coming out of the calipers pretty much set me off that it was time to say goodbye. (Mind you I put...
  7. Any one headed to Motor Jam 2007 (Waterford CT Car Show)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    They have a Passat/Jetta class, I was just curious if any of the CT folks were goin, since it's probably one of the biggest ones here in the state.
  8. Headed To NC!

    USA - East
    Hey everyone in the east! I am leaving the Pac NW and will be in North carolina soon, just wanted to know what is going on your side of the country? Need to be pointed in the right direction.::thumbup:
  9. Sad News - Headed Back to the Dealer

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Its sad, but true. Over the past week I have been getting a slight rattle and some chatter from the front of the car. Under further review I find out that the chatter is actually coming from the turbo. Car is a '98 AEB and we all know of the many known turbo failures with the KKK's on the...
  10. It's like Ripley's Believe it or my car headed to p

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    It's like Ripley's Believe it or my car headed to pasture? This is the strangest thing and I can't figure it out. May have to break down and see the "Man" unless someone else here has any insight for me. My car runs perfectly normal. But when I hit a sizeable bump on the highway, at...