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  1. I have just fallen in love with this car

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    I have just purchased a 08 Passat. I am not sure how to identify my body type.
  2. Anyone have some advice?

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    Hi, new to this forum thing. I have a 2000 passat 1.8T, and was wondering what turbo inlet pipe from the air filter would be compatible as well as some advice on installing it. I'm not looking to make my car a dragster, but want to increase the performance and keep my wallet if thats possible...
  3. CEL yesterday - scanned, have codes

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey peoples, On Wednesday, my car began to lose some power while on the highway driving to the golf course. After golf I started the car and heard a sound of air escaping "Psssss" coming from directly behind the manifold. The car was running, but every couple of seconds it would shudder a bit...
  4. Anyone have experience with the shorty's ?

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    Has anyone had experience with this specific shorty antenna ? hows the connection with them ? Short Stubby Antenna "Shorty" - 55mm BLACK
  5. Might have to change cats...opinions needed

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    ive been getting codes related to my cat converter that im trying to fix. still not sure if its the cats or the o2 sensors crapping out on me. the car is a 2001.5 s/c v6. my question is about magnaflow 94605 vs 46705... 46705 is the one listed on ecstuning and averages $200... 94605 is the...
  6. Please don't think i"m such a noob butI have a

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    question about my valet key. I lost my initial remote key on vw 2001 glx. Of course VW quoted me 300 for a new one. I heard something about being to take the transponder or do something with the old key to make it work with blank new key. Any help is appreciated.
  7. help!!! still have boost problem after replaceing all parts that diagnostics showed

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    i had my car checked for faults after it had produced a boost problem at 4000rpm. the faults were maf sensor , coolant temp sensor and boost control valve . all these parts have been renewd but the problem is still there. somtimes the boost kicks in for a split second but not very often. i have...
  8. Have you replaced your Cam Tensioner Guides?

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    Gents, just throwing this out there to see what others have done. I've not had to do it on any of my customer's cars but this got me thinking as I'm doing a valve cover gasket and replacing nearly all of the plastic pieces of the crankcase vent system. The guides look great, darkened but great...
  9. What have you found???

    Anything Auto
    Today I opened up my engine bay and found an army of frogs :crazy: hanging it got me thinking what is the weirdest/coolest thing you've guys found in your cars??