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    Mine blew apart thanks to the sub. If you've got one, lemme know! Needs to be all in one piece, no broken parts. Thanks. ;)
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    You were driving 20 in a 35 zone on Bernardo Center Drive and I passed you on the left lane, btw get off the phone and :driving:. You pull up to me at the light and give me the smile and a peace sign, then you go at the light and cut me off, making me slam on my brakes. As I pull into the right...
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    I'm a white guy in his 40's and as much as I think it would be cool to have a 1.8T hat, I know my better half would smack me up'side the head if I wore it out of the house. Please talk me out of it before I buy it:
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    Spotted a CB5 Reflex Silver B5 nicely dropped w/ anthracite colored wheels :thumbup:
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    I've got a rattle coming from the rear. At first I thought it was from the trunk but I emptied it out (including the spare tire, jack and tools) and it was still there. My wife thought it was coming from the rear seat-back on the drivers side. We hunted around yesterday opening the seat-backs...
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    I did my first transaction with Liberty VW this week. Everything was smooth as silk, and who can argue about those prices. Was a real pleasure, and I'll be a repeat customer.