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  1. Happy 4th of July

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Enjoy Independence Day tomorrow and thru the weekend but remember - we need all ten fingers to work on and fix these VWs. So be careful lighting any fireworks.
  2. Happy Labor Day Weekend

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, Had to create a new account today since my old email is not accessible any longer and really would like to get some help on a car I have. Went camping, great relaxing weekend and just got back and now time to clean the garage and work on the car again. Kevin
  3. Happy to be a part of best VW group

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    05 Passat 2.8 B5.5 Best car I've personally owned until recently lol Really could use some veteran experience. First VW
  4. Happy new year

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    Passats rule and happy new year
  5. Happy New Year

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    Is it too far into the year to still say it? :confused:
  6. Happy to be here

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    Just bought my first VW - a 2012 passat 3.6 SEL premium. Love it, but have some issues and would love to discuss with the experts (after searching for relevant topics of course :-))
  7. 2 months in with my 2014 SE 1.8t 5 speed, and pretty happy with how it turned out

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Pretty much done with what I plan to do with this car (besides pile on the miles) Small mod list -> tint, wheels, 93 octane tune, suspension I do plan to add the ESC/TCS defeat sometime this year. Eibach ProKit springs for 2010 CC Koni FSD for 2010 Passat (had an interesting conversation with...
  8. Noob Disaster (CTS Disaster/Possibly Destroyed Engine)

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    So, I recently bought a beautiful 2003 GLX V6 Wagon FWD. It's in pretty amazing condition and has been fantastic to me. Unfortunately it had a slow coolant leak. After some reading here I found that it was possibly the CTS and went to buy one. I didn't realize I should have bought a new CTS...
  9. First post, happy to be here!

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    Hey all. I bought a 1999 V6 Passat with the 5 Speed manual transmission about a month ago, glad to find a place with a bunch of other owners to discuss things with.
  10. Happy with my new 2016 Passat SEL 1.8

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    I had been driving a 1995 Mercedes, which finally couldn't be driven any further after it had a timing chain issue. I was going to purchase a 2015 Passat because I had always liked VWs and wanted a little bigger car. I did a web search about 4 months ago and found that the 2016 Passat would be...
  11. happy 2005 passat gls wagon owner

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    Helli everyone Ansgar (from Germany, too)
  12. Happy holidays - save up to 50% at CARiD
    The best prices of the year are waiting for you on the pages of our store. Save up to 50%, prices already reduced! Last minute shopper? No need to worry - we have you covered! - If you want to make a present for your friends or family, just print out a gift letter and let them know that a gift...
  13. Hello i am happy to be a part of the VW life.

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    I own a 09 passat 2.0 I am finally going to start modding it and if anyone has any tips for beginners i would really appreciate it. Also anyone parting anything out im your guy lol
  14. Happy 2003 Passat W8 Owner

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    Hello, just got my 2nd Passat. It's a 2003 W8. Starting to Love that little jiggle. I hope to find here some Information to improve the life of my new friend. Back in 1985 I got my first Passat. 75 PS Kombi. This was back in Germany - long time ago. And fate got me back to Passat. I live in...
  15. happy days

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    happy to see all Passat lovers on here :P
  16. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just wanted to wish all of you a happy holiday - regardless of what you celebrate! I haven't posted in a while, as I've not had any issues spring up :D However, this community wouldn't be as fantastic as it is if it weren't for all of our collective knowledge, advice, and insights. Here's a...
  17. Happy Thanksgiving day!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    To all the Passatworld members, have a great turkey day and enjoy time with your family and friends :thumbup:
  18. Flushed hydraulic system with Pentosin Super DOT4 - Not happy with results

    B5 Garage
    So a couple a weeks ago I flushed out my hydraulic system with Pentosin Super DOT4, and the results are poor at best. Call me a liar if you will, but I'm giving it straight. Before the flush there was no difference in pedal feel whether the car was hot or cold. Now when the car is cold the...
  19. Happy Wednesday!

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    Just stopped by to say hello.
  20. Happy Motoring!

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    One of the things many of us would want to know is if it's really worth buying another VW Passat. I for one, after owning and driving different year models of Passat, would be in the market for a new one this year. These cars, though at some point have brought many of us down due to common...