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  1. Wierd shift flare - happens only once after each startup

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi, I recently bought a cheap 1999 Passat 1.8 with the 4-speed auto transmission (01m i think?). I've since noticed a rather strange issue with the transmission. The first time the car upshifts into 3rd gear, it usually seems to flare slightly when shifting (RPMs jump up by 50 - 150 on the...
  2. B5 1.8T will stall suddenly, only happens during startup

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys, as I was starting up my car this weekend, the idle was very rough and the car died with the battery indicator lit. Car starts perfectly after a few restarts, but stalled again after driving for 2 mins, another restart and it's all smooth then on. Since then, I've replaced a new...
  3. Can vacuum solenoids go bad? If so, what happens?

    B5 Garage
    Talking about this guy: Home Page > Search > 026906283 > ES#258893 Solenoid Valve (N249) - Priced Each - 026906283J There are two on the vacuum hose plate on top of the V6 (ATQ) engine, and I'm getting P1136 and P1138 (fuel trim too lean) codes so I'm looking for vacuum leaks. I can hear a...
  4. Car And Driver: What Happens When Spring Compressors Fail...

    Anything Auto
    :wrench: Stay safe out there guys, and remember to always have a fail safe when doing things like this.
  5. what happens when you drive over an open sewer manhole...

    Anything Auto forward to 1:15.
  6. What happens?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    If i change my ko3 to ko4 and i already have been chipped? will the ko4 do its job ok or i have to re-flash the ECU for the new turbo?
  7. Car moans when off the gas from 45mph down to 0mph- happens while coasting or braking

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    It is odd and I am not really sure where the problem is but it is a 2004 2.8L V6 Passat AT 4Motion so I thought I would try here just in case... When the car is started there is a slight moan when accelerating up to around 45mph, barely noticeable. Above 45 is seems to be gone. If I let off the...
  8. I want to try this and see what happens. The Toyota test.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    After all this news of runaway Toyota's, a friend of mine that has a 2009 TDI Jetta tried to see what his car would do in a similar situation. He was on the Highway and doing about 65mpg, he floored the gas pedal and then while it was still pressed down he applied the brakes. After about 2 sec...
  9. Ever Wondered What Happens When An A5 Collides With An R8?

    Anything Auto
    Me neither, but apprently this is the answer. And yes they really did put a third brake light between the dual exhaust outlets... :puke: Hofele Design introduces Audi A5/R8 mashup to controversial effect by Jonny Lieberman (RSS feed) on Dec 10th 2009 at 7:00PM And by "controversial," we...
  10. The Unfortunate Tale Of What Happens When A Failrarri Is Created

    Anything Auto
    Ferarri 599 GTB Levi Strauss Edition :lol:
  11. Safe Happens - "Holy ****!"

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Was on my way to the gas station with my wife, was in an area I didn't know very well and got confused about what lane I needed to be in, before I knew it I was in the middle of an intersection and the light had just turned red, before I could get out of it, some teenagers in a Celica came...
  12. What happens to On Star with Alpine head unit?

    Mobile Electronics
    Just curios: I have a 2004 2.8 Wagon with the monsoon system and on star. I am putting in an Alpine head unit for iPod and sat radio. I don't use the on star, but I was just curios what happens to it when I go to the aftermarket head unit? Does it interface at the head unit, or at the monsoon...
  13. What happens if I unplug my brake pad sensors?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Will the alarm stay on or turn off?
  14. Indicator Noise/ticking happens without Indicating

    Mobile Electronics
    :banghead: The faint ticking noise which usually happens when indicating goes on and off randamly, its really anoying me. The noise comes from the dash has anyone else had this problem?
  15. safe happens

    The Showroom
    haha or more like shit happens... will update with pics when i get the chance
  16. What happens when you mrun out of cash :(

    Oh shit, put too much aside for purchases :( pw-cv joint 12.06.2008 20:20 Your gold is running low. Since you cannot pay the upkeep for your army, the following units have left your army: Slinger: 47 Swordsman: 66 Ram-Ship: 20 Ballista Ship: 20 Phalanx: 44 Archer: 59 Flamethrower: 9...
  17. what happens when MAF is unplugged ?????

    B5 Garage
    Unplugged the MAF (on AWM motor) cuz it may be bad... I'm wondering if anyone can tell me, from experience, when you drive with MAF unplugged (for a day or so) ????? Thanks in advance, guys....
  18. SNKVNNM related.... what happens when you have too much time on your hands

    Anything Auto
    In between some landscaping/gardening, I was cleaning up my work bench yet again. This time an old bag of valvetrain goodies; old springs were tossed. I have a bunch of valve retainers if anyone is interested, and an incomplete set of push rods of unknown straightness! :D While I was looking at...
  19. Sometimes shit happens

    The Showroom
    So I was on 44th st (two lane small road in lynnwood wa) and there was a small construction going on. One of the lanes was closed and I had to merge onto the left lane, I did that and there was a construction worker holding one of those "stop/slow" signs, and when i looked he had it in Slow.. I...