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  1. Pro gun v.s. Pro constitution...

    The Black Hole
    This thought occurred to me while I was debating with some people on another car forum that doesn't allow any political discourse (i.e. there's no black hole) I wonder how many gun rights advocates that claim to support the 2A because the constitution should upheld in its purest, most basic...
  2. HVLP Air Spray Gun

    Wax On, Wax Off
    Not sure if this is the best forum to start this thread, but I am curious what HVLP setup PWers have and recommend. What kind of compressor, accessories too. Thinking about spraying heavy automotive primers, metal flake and 2-part poly clear coats. There seem to be a lot of options, and I feel...
  3. Gun control

    The Black Hole
    Since Jay said to take it to the hole: And yesterday on one single day in connecticut 20 children lost their lives in about 10 minutes. So if you were to use these 2 incidents to compare in a kindgergarten kind of statistical way, a kid is about 730 times as likely to be murdered in school...
  4. Howdy from Gun Barrel City Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Passat Owner Here
  5. Greetings from Gun RU!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, Im crlefley, from grand rapids michigan, got a 2004.5 passat tdi wagon going strong on like 222k. lookin for some led mods possibly, and any easy mods that make the car look better.. stick me some links guys! Excited to become a part of the forum. :)
  6. 3 paintball gun sets for sale

    Misc for Sale
    Selling three guns that i hardly use anymore because I don't have the time to play as much as i want and bc I've been away at school and I'm going broke. Each gun will come with a mask and hopper and I believe I've got two co2 tanks as well which will go with two of the packages. I am still at...
  7. FS: Spyder Sport paintball gun and accessories

    Misc for Sale
    Green in color, comes with everything you see for $75 picked up (STEAL) or I'll list individual items. Gun, with hopper and barrel - $50 pods - $2 each 20oz CO2 tank - $10 gloves - free, what else? :P case - $20 Get at me, it's a garage sale!!!! :lol:
  8. lug nuts stripped out from air gun

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    quick question, this actually pissed me off really bad lastnight. I had just gotten done with a succesfull 40k service (fuel filter, oil, plugs, etc.) and I rotated my front and back wheels. The wheels are 19x8.5 RS4 reps, when putting then back on I made the mistake of using an air gun. The...
  9. But They were licensed gun owners how could this happen!

    The Black Hole
    Meleanie Hain, 31, made national headlines last year as the mother who carried a loaded, holstered handgun to her 5-year-old daughter's soccer game. Another example of how packing heat can't save your life. :poke: And Why...
  10. Orange Curtain Gun Owners Read This!

    The Black Hole Quote: Ammunition bill passes Friday, September 11, 2009 (09-12) 14:44 PDT Sacramento - -- The Legislature passed several pieces of legislation Thursday, including restrictions on the sale of ammunition, as it moves into its last day...
  11. GUN PORN Thread!

    The Black Hole
    If you don't like guns, please seek enlightenment elsewhere. And please keep the AR-15's to a minimum. TIA Grizzly Custom "Big Lewie" Marlin 1895G 45/70 :)
  12. Poll: Who else misses the gun threads?

    The Black Hole
    I am taking a poll for I haven't read a gun thread in at least a month. I forget if they good, bad or just needed. Open up the flood gates to our rights to own them and post threads about them:thumbup:
  13. Another gun Thread about how much I love them.

    The Black Hole
    Why not I have seen these like CAI threads....Just wanted to join the band wagon on how much I love Guns! I love them so much I sleep with them and they make me feel funny inside just touching them. I look in the mirror and just feel naked without my Pink AK47 straped to my chest. When I...
  14. The last gun thread

    The Black Hole
    So you want to talk about guns? Why not make up your own thread. WAIT there are 400 threads already so click on one below... Montana and Guns... 40 reasons on gun laws...
  15. Montana Nullifies Federal Gun Laws

    The Black Hole
    This has passed and been signed by the Gov. In short, it is now the law in Montana that the Feds have no business regulating firearms which are built, used, and kept within the state of Montana. Similar legislation pending in Utah, Alaska, Texas, etc. We'll see what the Feds do...
  16. More senseless gun related murder

    The Black Hole At least he had the sense to kill himself amd save Fla residents a lot of money.
  17. 40 Reasons to support gun control

    The Black Hole
    I think this is a compelling argument :thumbup: Top 40 Reasons to Support Gun Control By Derek Clark 1. Banning guns works, which is why New York, DC, and Chicago cops need guns. 2. Washington DC’s low murder rate of 80.6 per...
  18. On gun ownership and tragedies

    The Black Hole
    Since the thread about the mom killing her son was closed in OT, I'm reposting my last comment in that thread because I'd honestly like a response to it. This was a horrible tragedy, and in my view, it could have been prevented if the gun range was doing its job. It's events like this that...
  19. FS Alan Gun leather steering wheel wrap

    Classified Archive
    New, never installed. This is real leather cut to match the stock Passat wheel. Comes with the stitching and instructions. website is here A couple of PW user's posts here talking about the quality of this, also that sewing it on takes a while...
  20. Would you like gas with that or a gun?

    The Black Hole
    Way to go. "Down here, we all believe in God, guts and guns" :banghead: They need to get robbed with the guns they give out!! :D