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    Granted the car is nice...but $29k is out there. It looks as though the car has a lot of mods and it definately looks hot. The owner says its only a month old!! The only thing about the car that I really dig is the rims. Jason
  2. Anything Auto
    I'm debating on getting a 20AE GTI. Does anyone have one? I haven't sat in one up to this point, just because I figued I'd like it to much. Well, last night I sat in one to check out a gauge setup on my friends car and of course I fell in love with it. If someone has one, what are your...
  3. Anything Auto
    My Dad, who is quite the practical joker, found a home for the leftover "GTI" from the 20AE badge I gave him for a project. I was only concerned with the rabbit part of it. My little sister likes to think she is Bobby Rahal, in spite of the fact that she drives a 1984 Chevy Celebrity. My Dad...
  4. Anything Auto
    I'm located in northern VT and have an eye out for A1 golf/gti's. I am looking at an 84 with 160K mi, all stock from Idaho that is supposedly mint. I look at the exterior shows no rust, but a dent in the front passenger side near the turn signal. That spot has some surface rust. Otherwise it...
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    what do you think ?
  6. Anything Auto
  7. Anything Auto
    No, it's not the 20AE GTI or and R32 like I want but my "new" '67 Chevy truck. Now my baby can stay away from Home Depot runs and, WOW, even stay up on the jack stands for more than an evening as I have a second set of wheels. No more rushes to put her back together if I have the whole front...
  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My passat cloth seats are too cushy. Do the mk4 gti's seats fit? Id like standard grey ones to match my grey interior rather than the red/black ones. Anyone ever install them? I have a 2000 passat 1.8t.
  9. Anything Auto
    what do you guys think about this car and if anybody has any links to more info on it please help .i was looking at a used passat 1.8t and a guy pulled up in a 2003 gti 1.8t tiptronic i asked him about it he says he loves it but anyway thanks in advance for the help guys :D
  10. Anything Auto
    Didn't win but if you look at the cars the beat's pretty impresive! Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  11. Anything Auto
    Came across this monster.... :puke: The wheels look good, it is just too busy, and the rear spoilers are out of hand. Not my cup of tea
  12. Anything Auto Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  13. Anything Auto
    Friendly race this morning on the way to work... My neighbor and I left for work at the exact same time this morning, so we were messing around as we got on the freeway--I just thought I'd share since some people (myself included) like to know how our modded Passats can do up against other cars...
  14. Anything Auto
    For the 2000 model GTIs did they offer a 2.0 liter turbo engine?
  15. Anything Auto
    At the end of this video is an orange A2 golf/gti that has something nasty done to the motor its just :crazy: the way it sounds....hopefully someone can tell me whats done to is 10.6 megs
  16. Anything Auto
    So I've been toying with getting myself a "fun" car... something I can 1) use as a project car, 2) bring to the autocross or track, 3) keep me in the VW scene, 4) divert my attention from spending bigger bucks modding Twilight. I found a black '84 Rabbit GTI about 15 minutes from home that a...
  17. Classified Archive
    Ginster Yellow/Black Leather Very rare and Excellent condition!! 2.8L 6 cylinder 5 Speed, ABS, Traction Control, Trip Computer, Sun Roof, 77,000 miles, 2 sets of 4 wheels and tires (new Kumhos 225/40-16), new brakes, new plugs and wires, only Mobil-1 every 3k miles after break-in, always...
  18. Anything Auto
    Link to vortex...I havent seen any posts on this (surprising)
  19. Anything Auto
    Spent the last 5 hours putting in a Greddy "electronic" boost gauge: I wish I took a photo of the thing afterwards but I was kinda tired after spending so much time on this so this pic will have to do. In retrospect, it "should" be about a 2 hour job but we were flying blind on this one...
  20. Anything Auto
    I am looking up some products and I don't know what the 2003 GTI is considered as. Like the 1998-2001 Passat is a B5. What is the GTI? A4? T4? TIA
321-340 of 353 Results