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  1. 2018 Volkswagen GTI vs Golf R: Which Hot Hatch Should You Buy?

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    <span lang="EN-US"></span> <span lang="EN-US">To R or not to R? That is the question Volkswagen has posed the legions of Dubheads who faithfully flock to showrooms each and every year intent on renewing their faith at the church of Golf, tempting enthusiasts with a pair of leading lights in the...
  2. MK4 GTI 3-spoke leather steering wheel

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    MK4 GTI 3-spoke leather steering wheel with airbag. $80+ shipping Great condition with minor wear at top/center (9/10). Direct swap, OEM+ parts. Can also include stalk with cruise control and clock spring if converting from MFSW. Add $30 Instructions can be found on PW for conversion. I can...
  3. Goodbye Passat, hello GTI

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    After 12 years and 246,000 miles, I am calling it quits on my Passat. Last Sunday, I had my second accident in a year. I'm not sure why I've had two accidents in a year, as I'm usually quite cautious and can't remember being at fault in any accident since high school. The car still runs, but...
  4. Gti purchase questions

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    Been looking at some 2013 GTI s. I found one at a good price, and if I could get them down a bit more it could be a deal. It's a two door which is a little annoying but drives great, and the hatchback means more cargo room than my b5.5 sedan. However, I can't find a record of the 40K mile oil...
  5. Will these 17" 2005 GTI Wheele's fit my 2003 B5.5 ?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Like to upgrade my wheels, but looking for a bargain. I would have to drive 100 miles to get them, will these work? VW 17 INCH WHEELS GTI
  6. 2009 MVK GTI APR K04 Half Cage

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    2009 VW GTI Need to get rid of one project, so I can start the next! Email me directly for faster responses!
  7. Former GTI owner on board

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    Probably one of many here, but have now purchased my largest VW ever, the Passat. My last VW was a MK6 GTI. Out with the old, in with the new.
  8. YIKES! Watch a VW GTI Take Flight in this Huge Nurburgring Crash!

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    Education can be both spectacular and terrifying. Here's proof. The video above, supplied by the folks at Bridge to Gantry, outlines how NOT to drive. The incredible flying GTI becomes a bundled-up ball of airbags, broken glass and bodywork thanks to one simple mistake: the driver panicked and...
  9. MK7 Volkswagen GTI Specs And Pricing Revealed (LSD, Active Suspension, Etc!)

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    I hope that LSD can be retrofitted into the CC...
  10. VW GTI vs Subaru BRZ - Video

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    Read the complete Subaru BRZ vs Volkswagen GTI comparison at
  11. Why no Audi A3 quattro with a manual, and why is a GTI so close price wise?

    Anything Auto
    Just thinking ahead to my next car, possibly in a couple years. I really like the A3 hatchback, and want a manual transmission, but is it worth it getting an Audi if it's FWD? On the other hand, all other things being equal, a comparable GTI is maybe $1000 less when comparing used cars with no...
  12. 2003 GTI 24v VR6

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    $8000 This car had a new engine put in at 42k miles by VW dealer after previous owner cracked the oil pan and blew the engine. Car currently has 74k miles on it. That makes it a 24v VR6 engine with only 32k on it! Carfax in hand. Black with black/grey two-tone leather interior hand stitched...
  13. 2015 VW GTI Revealed With 220 hp

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    See more photos of the 2014 Volkswagen GTI at
  14. 2010 gti springs on b7? Will it work?

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Like the title says will they fit?
  15. Gti wheel, beetle headrests, engine covers, new south gauge pod, and more

    Parts For Sale
    All prices are obo and without shipping. Buy pays shipping. Same thread on vortex. Please text me 410-916-8265 Gti 3 spoke steering wheel 1 blemish at 12' 40$ Stock 4 spoke steering wheel with airbag 40$ Full set of beetle headrests black cloth 160$ Early aeb engine cover used in decent...
  16. black leather gti seats modded to fit b5 (MA)

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    these seat are from a mk4 gti vr6 and are super comfortable. they have great bolsters, they hold you in place great and feel like the sport seats from the audi s4. there is a few small tears in them, only on the seams so they are easily fixable, and not easily noticeable. i am looking for $150...
  17. FS: 3 OEM MK6 GLI Autobahn Charlestons Wheel Rims 5x112 18x7.5 GTI Fahrenheit TDI *MA

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    RIM #3 has been SOLD RIM #3 has been SOLD RIM #3 has been SOLD I have 3 new-style OEM charleston rims that come with the mk6 GLI Autobahn. The are exactly the same as the mk5 GLI/GTI/TDI Charlestons rims but with the painted black as pictured. Unfortunately I do not have a 4th rim so please do...
  18. 2010 GTI One Touch Windows Roll up/down does not work

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    Hello. It is my first post on the forum. I just saw a topic while i was googling on this website which is : And i want to ask you that did you find any solution for this issue ? What i...
  19. Will DP's from other 1.8t models (Jetta, GTI) fit the b5 Passat?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've scoured the interwebs in an effort to answer this question but have been unable to find a definitive answer. Ive noticed there are a lot of aftermarket downpipes for 1.8t Jetta's and GTI's, but not many specifically for the Passat. I know the IC placement and IC piping is routed...