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  1. im new in the group. with a passat v6 4mo 2003 with lots of problems :(

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    hey guys, i love the car, the look, how it drives, but hot dang ive only had it 2 weeks and its unusable. uses about a liter of gas every 3.6km or 8.4mpg. im still trying to find out whats wrong. Im going to have to dig in this place. Thank you so much for accepting me into your community...
  2. New to group but not vw

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    Hello everyone it seems like every 2 years a passat comes into my collection this time by way of my 17 year old son he sold his mustang and purchased a 2004 passat wagon that he has fallen in love with . My name is Constantine and I myself am a car guy grew up in the era of muscle cars and...
  3. New to the group

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    Blew the timiing belt, digging for info :(
  4. B5 / 5.5, automatic tailgate lift - group buy

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi all! So, I've been shown the final missing link to my 'tailgate unlocked with all doors / tailgate operation via remote' coding mod: A pair of springs that install on the tailgate gas springs, which will (effectively) give you a power-lift tailgate. Pretty cool, eh? The product...
  5. Happy to be a part of best VW group

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    05 Passat 2.8 B5.5 Best car I've personally owned until recently lol Really could use some veteran experience. First VW
  6. New Guy in the Group

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    Hello All, As you see I am new to the forum. I recently picked up a 203 Passat 1.8T for my sons first car and had an issue with the oil light flashing. I did a lot of research and see so many different possible issues mainly oil sludge, oil pressure switch, cam chain tenser, etc. and decided...
  7. WI Passat/CC Owners group on FB......Meh

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    A couple of months ago, I began the 2016 VW season by going to an event I had never been to before, the Milwaukee VW Club's show. I was not only pleasantly surprised to see about 4-5 Passats there, but someone also tagged my car with a card inviting me to join this FB group. Turns out they're...
  8. New User - Glad to find this group.

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    Hey Guys / Gals A couple of months ago I picked up a 99 2.8l Auto Passat with only 81k miles on it. Haven't had any major problems yet, just a few little "curiosities" as the previous owner stated, but that's what the Google Search is for. Since then I've picked up another 99 Passat w/ the 1.8T...
  9. My new old car: group therapy session #1

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    "Hi. My name is Dave." "Hi Dave." I've been a Passat owner for just five months and already I'm reluctant to admit it to people because I just can't take that look people give me anymore! You bought a Volkswagen, did you? And how old is it? (14 years) And how many miles? (83,000). When I tell...
  10. new to group

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    I just picked up a 2008 wagon yesterday. I have a lot to discover yet!
  11. New to group

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    Greetings All 2015 Passat TSI SE newly purchased, so far so good, love the car. Randy
  12. FS: SRS style rear sway bar from the group buy

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    I have one of the original custom made rear sway bars from this group buy -> I loved this bar and would still need it had I not sold the car. I highly highly...
  13. Group buy on carbon fiber hood

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    B5.5 PASSAT OWNERS Found a company Carbonetics Carbon Fiber​ to make us a CARBON FIBER HOOD. I am NEEDING at LEAST 5 People to get the mold done and have them make them. MORE people we get the MORE % off we get. PLEASE let me know if you would like to get one. I need you guys to PM me for...
  14. New to the group. My name is Bernie

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    I have just started the forum. I have a 2001 Passat wagon with 175000 miles. It runs good. I am having trouble with my rear hatch remote release.
  15. ACTIVE...!!! ECU Group Buy SPEEDTUNING ...ACTIVE...!!!

    Group Buys
    I cant post in the groupbuy section so forgive me moderators, Can someone put together another group buy for the SPEEDTUNING ECU's? Me and another buddy of mine are both interested but can't post in Group Buy section :cry: Tax season so hopefully a few interested parties can pull together...
  16. B5.5 Carbon Fiber Hood - Group Buy Feeler

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm talking with VIS Racing about doing a small run of carbon fibers hood for the B5.5. As you may know, there are only like 4 CF hoods in existence for the B5.5, and no one currently manufactures them. For VIS to do a small custom run would require them to have 20 orders (19 plus myself). I'm...
  17. New to the group from WNY

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    First time posting and first Passat in the my driveway. Nice little 2000 B5 with the 1.8t 20V engine. I live just north of Buffalo, NY and found this car in late January of this year and it served me well since with just a few concerns. Looking forward to learning more about the sedan.
  18. Noobie to Group

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    Just found this group and it's a real help. I'm on my second Passat so i think it's about time I had a place to bounce ideas around to see if I'm on point or way off base. I love German engineering,but German repair prices, not so much. Thanks in advance for the help and advice.
  19. New to the group and VW in Western NY

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    Picked up an '02 Passat two weeks ago. 1.8t engine. Great in the frozen tundra of WNY. Looking forward to diving in a learning for about these great autos.
  20. Hello B7 Group

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Hello Guys, I'm jumping from the B6 group to the B7 group. I just bought a new 2013 Passat SE with Sunroof and Nav. had to trade in my '09 Passat. This is my third Passat. I bought a used '06 but had a wreck and the insurance company totaled it. That got me to my 09. I really wasn't ready to...