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  1. Graphics Removal?

    B5 Garage
    I just bought a 99 1.8t, and it's maroon with black plastic bottom pieces, and has a horizontal graphic running front to back... It's a long thin tan line, and I don't think I like it. Should I remove it? Is it easy? Also, what kind of reside cleaner would you recommend to clear the residue of...
  2. FREE: Internet templates, banners, graphics, etc

    Classified Archive
    Anybody here build thier own website? Whether professional or ametuer? I was given 108 webpage templates, complete with the graphics, and html coding. As well as a bunch of customizeable banners, and graphics and a ton of other stuff you can use to build and/or promote your personal website...
  3. text 'buttons' instead of graphics, please?

    New Forum Issues
    what's wrong with a text link for 'post' and 'edit', etc? I prefer to block most graphics (for bandwidth reasons; and also to stop cycling/annoying blinking gifs) yet if I do that, I can't see the 'reply' button. but if it was simply a text button or a text link then I can stop images all I...