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  1. Grant me posting freedom!

    New Member Introductions
    When can I post? Doing this so I can post! Many things I would like to talk about with yall!
  2. Grant- Houston, TX

    USA - South
    2003 1.8T Mods 18x8.5 ADR Classics Bilstien Sports Neuspeed Springs Shorty Antenna K&N Filter Tint Soon To Come Badgless Grill Painted Lowers StLB5 Stealth Box & Sub Jenson Head Unit
  3. Passat of the Month for January 2007 - Grant (flying_scotsman)

    Passat of The Month
    Passat of the Month - January 2007 Grant (flying_scotsman) Austin, Texas USA My Passat estate is the first car I've ever owned. For a year prior, I had a pickup for hauling dirt and rock for my home landscaping projects. But for 8 years my only forms of transportation were bicycles and...
  4. Robert Grant Oravec Schaumburg

    USA - Central
    is anything happining around here soon? i need to find a couple of people to cruse with that own b5s i hope to be done renavating by next spring. ill post pictures soon. if you wanta cruse around just post
  5. Grant - Montreal, QC

    2004 Black 1.8T
  6. Joe Grant (glockfan) - Kaiserslautern, Germany

    I've been an avid Club B5 member for almost a year now. I am originally from Georgia and plan to return there once my overseas tour comes to an end. I have learned so much from all of you :bow: and would like to give a little back. Time permitting, I will help any of you with part numbers etc...
  7. God grant me the serenity...

    Anything Auto
    to not go apeshit one my friend's friend. Ok, I gave these girls at my college a lift to the grocery store. One of them gets out and SLAMS my rear passenger door while the window is down. I don't know what the hell happened, but know I can't control that window with the switch on my drivers...